CDW: Most valuable vendor?

CDW: Most valuable vendor?

Summary: CIO Insight's annual vendor value survey has a few surprises. Notably CDW is the vendor that CIOs say provides the most value.

TOPICS: Tech Industry

CIO Insight's annual vendor value survey has a few surprises. Notably CDW is the vendor that CIOs say provides the most value. Trend Micro is No. 2 followed by Cisco at No. 3 and Red Hat at No. 4. Key software players such as Microsoft (No. 24), SAP (No. 26) Oracle (No. 32), CA (No. 36) were clustered near the bottom third of the list. The full list is here and the all-important methodology is here.

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • CDW's loyal fans.

    Quoting from the methodology description linked:

    "One company, CDW, was included because it was suggested by many respondents of the 2005 survey."

    Nominated and elected, though the outfit conducting the survey had not considered CDW qualified for inclusion by the usual rules.

    Part of the reason self-select surveys are not considered the best is that the most enthusiastic about making a point are the most likely to respond.
    Anton Philidor
  • CDW: Most Hated Vendor

    I'm sorry, but obviously the people voting for CDW are not the people who have to use CDW.

    Some of the issues that I have encountered with them in the last 12 months:

    * Prices significantly higher than their competition, notably Newegg.

    * Broken site search, horrible site interface.

    * Orders that were cancelled were shipped anyways.

    * Products on backorder, but not listed on the site as such.

    * Products shipping long after promised by the site and by CDW staff.

    * Not receiving tracking numbers for shipments in a timely fashion, sometimes after the product has actually arrived.

    Just to name a few. I did a trial order from Newegg a few months ago for personal items, to see if they would be a good alternative to CDW. They are. They carry more items at a better price, with ZERO problems or hassles. Newegg has a 100% SUCESS rate for me, and I have placed probably 6 orders from them in 3 months. CDW has a 100% FAILURE rate with me, with five or so orders in the last 18 months. I find that hard to beleive. Every single order handled incorrectly, but it is true.

    Justin James
  • I really like CDW...

    ...and have had only one issue...a new iMac with a flaw in the display. I called my sales rep. and had the replacement in 24hrs. Fabulous service and price that kills.