CES 2012: Evening in review, 01.09.12

CES 2012: Evening in review, 01.09.12

Summary: CES 2012: A review of the most important headlines of the day from the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show.


"Evening in review" gathers the most important headlines of the day from the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Video: Steve Ballmer in action for his final CES keynote speech

Related: Mary Jo Foley: Kinect for Windows: new hardware and software due February 1

Andrew Nusca: With LG-VMware, 'bring your own device' stakes get higher

Video: Sony's press conference

RelatedRachel King: Sony renames phone unit to Mobile Communications

Sean Portnoy: HP Envy 14 Spectre is a $1,400 Ultrabook built from glass

John Morris: Nvidia talks Tegra 3 and tablets

Matthew Miller: Nokia announces the Lumia 900 with AT&T LTE and Carl Zeiss optics

King: Samsung has best chance (right now) at total connected ecosystem

King: Intel looks to 'wow' with concept Windows 8 ultrabooks

King: DISH goes after rural households with new Broadband service

Morris: Intel provides new details on the Ultrabook "experience"

Miller: Sprint announces LTE version of Galaxy Nexus coming this year

Nusca: Motorola debuts Droid 4; road warrior's delight

Nusca: As wireless adoption surges, Netgear strives to become household name

King: AT&T speaks directly to developer crowd with new API Platform

Related: Miller: AT&T and HTC announce first LTE Windows Phone, the Titan II

Related: Miller: Samsung Galaxy Note coming to AT&T with LTE

Scott Raymond: Overcrowding the Android tablet market

Nusca: Who will connect your future television? With Smart TV, LG fails to break from pack

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