CES 2012: Intel looks to 'wow' with concept Windows 8 ultrabooks

CES 2012: Intel looks to 'wow' with concept Windows 8 ultrabooks

Summary: Can Ultrabooks really "wow" consumers? Intel's head of its PC division certainly thinks so.


At CES in Las Vegas, Intel's Mooly Eden updates the company's "ultrabook" efforts, including a concept transparent touch screen on the back side, coupled with the Windows 8 Metro user interface.

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  • The WOW begins now?

    Sorry Rachel. I couldn't resist. :/
    Dietrich T. Schmitz *Your
    • RE: CES 2012: Intel looks to 'wow' with concept Windows 8 ultrabooks

      @Dietrich T. Schmitz * Your Linux Advocate

  • Didn't Steve Jobs point out ...

    ... that trying to do touch manipulation on a laptop screen in a vertical position leads to the gorilla arm problem? Why then is Intel coming out with laptops with touch screens which cannot be reoriented into tablets? I believe OEMs should either come out with regular laptops, or convertible laptops (the preferred type) - not also laptops which are in between.

    I believe MS, chip makers, and top OEMs, should hire first rate industrial designers, and come out with truly innovative, holistic, system reference designs. They could probably form or hire a company, to order parts en masse, and maybe do partial assemblies of these designs, and distribute the parts / assemblies to OEMs, who could then shape them into their own versions of the designs. The above should help keep costs down, and allow PC OEMs to compete with Apple in total system design - rather than just on cost. PC OEMs would therefore be able to compete with Apple on innovative OS / hardware design, as well as on 'must have' custom software and services.
    P. Douglas
  • Windows 8 FTW !

  • Flash Video

    I have flash 11,1,102,55 installed and this video does not seem to be working. By the way, didn't we already decide the WOW was not good for marketing already? ie: Vista
    • RE: CES 2012: Intel looks to 'wow' with concept Windows 8 ultrabooks


      Vista eh? Funny I haven't used that since 2008.

      The video problem is on ZDNet's end. I too use Flash 11,1,102,55 on both IE9 9.0.8112.16521 Update Version 9.0.4 (KB2618444) and also Chrome 16.0.912.75 m.

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      • RE: CES 2012: Intel looks to 'wow' with concept Windows 8 ultrabooks

        @WinTard I don't use Vista, just saying Microsoft used "WOW" as a marketing word for Vista