CES 2012: The five biggest surprises thus far

CES 2012: The five biggest surprises thus far

Summary: Nokia and Intel stole the show at CES 2012 with plenty of buzz surrounding Ultrabooks and smartphones.

TOPICS: Mobility, Telcos

LAS VEGAS -- CES 2012 is finally winding down, and while many of the big themes were predictable (hello, Ultrabooks), there were a number of surprises as well.

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Here are five of the biggest surprise at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, not in any particular order, but some were definitely more buzzworthy than others.

  • Polaroid's Android camera: It's not really a phone, but more like Android's answer to the iPod touch. But really? With Polaroid? At this point, Polaroid is really just trying to hold on as it hasn't produced much of anything relevant in the last few years, but at least this is an innovative step for the instant photo camera company.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note: Certainly there were plenty of new tablets out on display at CES 2012, but this little guy drew attention as soon as the press touched down in Nevada. The gadget isn't even that new as it was revealed last fall, but once it became known that the 5.3-inch digital notepad would be available in the United States soon, it suddenly became relevant. (It also didn't hurt that Samsung basically littered Las Vegas in advertisements for the Galaxy Note.)
  • Sony Google TV set-top box: Google TV hasn't hit the mark in a way that has enticed a lot of consumers. Yet even though Logitech gave up on the digital television platform, Sony is not only continuing on, but it also unveiled a brand new set-top box for bringing the Google TV operating system and respective content to other HDTVs.
  • CES 2012 becomes the Nokia show: Just when you thought Nokia was pretty much on the way out in the United States, the Finnish phone maker had a huge presence at the show -- primarily thanks to some strong partners like Microsoft, Qualcomm, and AT&T. It became almost impossible to attend a press conference and not hear about the new Lumia 900.
  • Intel tackles smartphones: Everyone knew that Intel was coming into CES 2012 with a packed arsenal  of Ultrabooks. At first, I was afraid that the Intel keynote on Tuesday would just be 90 minutes of nonstop chatter about these super slim notebooks, but I was taken aback with Intel's new commitment to smartphone architecture. This will definitely be an area to watch over the course of the year.


Topics: Mobility, Telcos

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  • RE: CES 2012: The five biggest surprises thus far

    "but I was taken aback with Intels new commitment to smartphone architecture."<br><br>Why? Intel's been pushing for more and more mobile for quite some time. Netbooks should have been a big hint that Intel wanted to push more mobile.
  • RE: CES 2012: The five biggest surprises thus far

    Rather limited viewpoint. You have Vizio entering the computer market with a big splash and some gorgeous looking products and no mention at all? That wasn't a surprise?
  • RE: CES 2012: The five biggest surprises thus far

    "Samsung Galaxy Note The gadget isn???t even that new as it was revealed last fall"

    Then why is it one of the five BIGGEST surprises?
  • Didnt Miss Much

    I skipped the CES announcements for a couple of days due to work.
    When I dropped in to check, I didnt see much that was a surprise.....

  • RE: CES 2012: The five biggest surprises thus far

    Polaroid isn't much more than a name, to be honest. The original company went bankrupt some time ago. The name Polaroid was acquired by a second company that, too went bankrupt. By now "Polaroid" is just a famliar brand that gets slapped on the products of the latest company to acquire it. the Wikipedia pretty much explains it.
  • Bravo Nokia and Microsoft

    Now they will begin to get some reconnaisance!! When I heard about the Mocrosoft and Nokia deal about Nokia Phone and Windows Phone OS I knew the work would begin to rock!!! And now it is!!<br><br>Bravo Nokia and Microsoft ... Nokia simply do the best smartphone in the world and Microsoft simply do the best smartphone OS in the world!!!!<br><br>Niiiiicee <img border="0" src="http://www.cnet.com/i/mb/emoticons/happy.gif" alt="happy">
    • RE: CES 2012: The five biggest surprises thus far

      @EricDeBerg reconnaisance? I'm just imagining Nokia flying spy planes around now to snap pictures of Motorola, HTC, and others! I think you meant recognition. But I do like the mental image!
      • RE: CES 2012: The five biggest surprises thus far

        EricDeBerg probably just did a direct translation from french, as that is the equivalent for recognition in English. Nice mental image though about Nokia flying over the other manufacturers.
  • RE: CES 2012: The five biggest surprises thus far

    Can we PLEASE have a moratorium on the use of the word "literally" by people who don't know what it means?