CES: Ready for the 'sliding PC'? Samsung hopes so

CES: Ready for the 'sliding PC'? Samsung hopes so

Summary: Samsung said it has cooked up a new device---dubbed the Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series available in March---that offers the benefits of a laptop with key features of a tablet.


CES 2011

This puppy is something Samsung is calling "the first sliding tablet PC."

You buying it?

Samsung said it has cooked up a new device---dubbed the Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series available in March---that offers the benefits of a laptop with key features of a tablet. The OS is Windows 7 and the chip is Intel's Atom Oak Trail. The general idea is to offer a light tablet that includes a sliding keyboard for easy typing. If you're a content heavy person, this gizmo may just make some sense.

The bigger question is whether this is a new category as Samsung proclaims. Samsung said:

The Samsung 7 Series is creating a category unto itself, with a total solution that is not only chic and convenient for content consumption, but also versatile enough for more intensive computing and content creation.

The sliding PC weighs in at 2.2 pounds. A few key points:

  • The 7 Series has a 4-in-1 memory card reader;
  • 32GB and 64GB SSD drives;
  • Optional 3G;
  • Preloaded apps from Microsoft;
  • And a price tag starting at $699.

Overall and this newfangled hybrid could be interesting.

Topics: Hardware, Laptops, Mobility, Processors, Samsung, Tablets

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  • RE: CES: Ready for the 'sliding PC'? Samsung hopes so

    I like it. I'd ditch Windows 7 right out of the gate for Ubuntu 10.10 (or 11.04) with Unity for a more touch friendly interface, but the hardware looks pretty sweet (so far).
    • RE: CES: Ready for the 'sliding PC'? Samsung hopes so

      @mstone0802 I'm with this guy. It'd be nice to see a MeeGo table UI on that device.
    • Another stupid glossy screen.

      Look at the ignorance: They actually DRAW a portion of the screen washed out by glare. So, in that glare-covered area: Are those the "deep blacks" and "rich colors" that you're insulting your customers with?
    • RE: CES: Ready for the 'sliding PC'? Samsung hopes so

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      • RE: CES: Ready for the 'sliding PC'? Samsung hopes so

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  • Wow

    I was thinking just this afternoon that this would be a great idea. What's the digitzer they're using (i.e., does it use WACOM)? How much juice (RAM, processor), and how much battery life? Edit: OK, I guess the link tells...
  • Lame...

    The point of a standard laptop hinge is that they allow you to adjust the screen angle... The slide is nothing more than a cheep gimmick that users will hate... flop.
    • RE: CES: Ready for the 'sliding PC'? Samsung hopes so


      How much more adjustment do you need?

      If it requires more than the angle in the picture, its time for some EYE adjustment.
    • RE: CES: Ready for the 'sliding PC'? Samsung hopes so

      @i8thecat For all we know the mechanism might work in such a way that when the screen is slid back fully it then becomes "locked" so that it can rotate like a normal hinge mechanism. (If it doesn't work like that then it should Samsung :P)
  • RE: CES: Ready for the 'sliding PC'? Samsung hopes so

    I would like to demo one.
    • RE: CES: Ready for the 'sliding PC'? Samsung hopes so

      @Mythos7 that makes two of us. Overall this could possibly work for me.
      Larry Dignan
  • Maybe

    It's not really new...even it could combine the functionality of current notebooks and tablets, switch to an Android OS from Win7, and get eight hours or better of batter life.
    • RE: CES: Ready for the 'sliding PC'? Samsung hopes so

      @jmailings, sure, if I can find an x86 version of Android...
      Grayson Peddie
  • meh, i have an asus pen tablet and its almost the same

    besides the pen input, its essentially a modern W7 tablet. I am also running Mint on it. Problem is, battery life sucks, the pen input and the touch pad war with one another, causing the cursor to freak out in the corners of the screen when unplugged, and for some reason, the fan won't auto adjust and occasionally it will overheat and shut down, (unfortunately much more often in linux-i used ubuntu and mint). To me this looks like the netboook equivalent of my tabtop. I don't need another one.
    • RE: CES: Ready for the 'sliding PC'? Samsung hopes so

      @KBot - What if they 'got it right' - a device without the issues you face? Would you buy it then???
  • RE: CES: Ready for the 'sliding PC'? Samsung hopes so

    "You buying it?"

    I'd consider it. Never been a big fan of the "true" tablet with no keyboard at all. It's very nice to have a keyboard as an option.
  • RE: CES: Ready for the 'sliding PC'? Samsung hopes so

    a big ipod touch = ipad
    a big phone with sliding qwerty keyboard= sliding pc
  • I don't like small hard drive - or called SSD here

    extra sd card may help, but not much. That is one reason I don't like ipad or whatever pad.

    light weight is great, window 7 is great. What about HDMI port?
  • i've been tinking about a tablet slider for some time. but i just couldn't

    get past needing a hinge to use the normal keyboard layout.
    but lately i've been thinking about the one-handed keyboard.
    then it just hit me.
    take the thumb-centric mobile phone keyboard.
    split it in half and put one piece on each side of the landscape tablet as a slide down attachment piece of the case.
    aaawww, but what about the tablet in portrait mode?
    hmmm, we'll get it right one day!

  • Great idea, just too expensive. (nt)