Circuit City looks to redefine the in-store shopping experience


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  • Very wide aisles needed

    OK, in order for this to work, the headset needs to be able to tell what product you're standing near. Right? In any Circuit City I've been to, the shelves are packed, many aisles are narrow, and I just don't see how the headset would know if I'm looking at the Monster S-Video cable or the VCR Cleaning Kit.

    Stephen Howard-Sarin
    Stephen Howard-Sarin
    • wide aisles

      You just tell the system by voice or wave a magic wand over the RFID tag...not today....but someday
    • wide aisles

      You just tell the system by voice or wave a magic wand over the RFID tag...not today....but someday
  • Another Step to Distance Itself From Best Buy

    I hope this comes through since this would boost CC's image and lure back lost customers from BB. BB has gotten too big for their business pants and their customer service is almost non-existant plus exchanges/returns are almost impossible to do.

    ...Just my $.02...
  • Lack of customer service isn't my issue with CC

    I hate going to Circuit City becasue too many "sales associates" are always asking if they can help me. Last thing I want is one whispering in my ear as a I walk through.

    But I guess that has more to do with my shopping methods; I don't shop, I know what I want and I get it. What would be cool is customized deals based of what I have purchased from them in the past ala- Minority Report.
  • CC vs BB

    Personally I don't care for either store. CC overburdens you with uninformed commision sales jerks that cannot help you. and BB is usually too busy to help.

    In either case the stores used to have real good bargains when it came to consumer electronics - today there pricing is no longer "best buy."

    I caught a flight with an exec at accenture who advised best buy that they no longer needed to have "everything the least expensive" in town.

    Well that meant hello Monster and good bye to GE or other low cost cable and accesorries provider.

    I want a store that you can trust is going to give you bottom dollar on everything.

    If I have to pay a higher price ocasionally because they didn't use certain items as loss leaders, fine.

    But what I see at CC and BB is not enticing.

    Frankly BB is too crowded and CC it too nauseating.
    • CC vs BB - they both stink!

      My beef with both Circuit City and Best Buy has to do with their inventory - more specifically, the LACK of inventory.

      Case in point: Power supply splitters.

      Most modern computers these days come with power supplies that come with maybe 3 or 4 power leads for hard/floppy and CD/DVD drives and of course, the power leads for the motherboard. While this is perfectly adequate for the average user who has maybe a hard drive, a floppy, a CD RW drive and maybe a DVD ROM, this is not always enough for a "full house" (all 4 IDE ports in use). You would think a power spliter would be as common as dirt.

      Considering both BB and CC sell upgrade drive kits in various flavors, you would think that they would carry the necessary power splitters so anyone wanting to add a new hard or CD/DVD drive would be able to buy everything they would need to get the job done without spending 1/2 a day tracking one down.

      The excuse: The part doesn't make enough profit.
      Er..Excuse me... Considering a power splitter consists of maybe 10 CENTS worth of wire and maybe a nickel's worth of plastic for the ends and CompUSA routinely sells them for $4.95, I'd say that's a damn poor excuse.

      The WORST part of it all - BB and CC's staff both suggested I go to FRY'S for the part in question. Never mind that Fry's is a 2 1/2 hour extra side trip, but Fry's also has a terrible reputation when it comes to their merchandise and their service. Oh, the horror stories I could tell. But that's for another rant.
      • So True!!

        Fry's is a great store - and comp usa aint half bad. Great deals when they have 'em. Fry's more often that CUSA but oh well. Problem here in the upper midwet is there is no fry's.

        I think the problem with CC is the way the stores are laid out - very hard to find stuff and they don't have too much. Best buy has a much greater selection and a better store layout.

        If CC really wants to make a difference then they should look at the way a customer feels when they walk into a store.

        I have a CC, BB, Compusa, Office Depot and Office Max and a Target all within close range from one another.

        When I go browsing for stuff - I totally skip CC and go right next store to Office Depot.

        A more comfortable shopping experience.

        Sorry CC - I just don't like you.
  • CC Shopping Experience

    The Circuit City shopping experience is the worst I have ever encountered. Not just in-store, but on-line. I would never have been attracted to any CC offers had I not been given gift cards. In trying to use them I have wasted hours shopping trying to find a good value at CC. When I finally found something worth while and go through the checkout, then, I would get the (Sorry) product is not in stock. This has happened three times. Also CC sends promotional discounts to e-mail subscribers. But anything I found priced decently the coupon would not apply.

    Circuit City - Please quit wasting my time.