Cloudera raises $25 million in funding

Cloudera raises $25 million in funding

Summary: Cloudera, which offers Hadoop-based enterprise software, has landed another $25 million in venture funding.


Cloudera, which offers Hadoop-based enterprise software, has landed another $25 million in venture funding.

The company's Series C round was led by Meritech Capital Partners. Current investors Accel Partners and Greylock Partners joined in. To date, Cloudera has raised $36 million.

For Cloudera, the funding comes in handy as it forges partnership with key data warehousing companies such as EMC and Teradata. Enterprise adoption of Hadoop is picking up in hybrid data warehousing environments. Hadoop is an open source project from the Apache Software Foundation that provides a software framework for distributing and running applications on clusters of servers.

The company said that it will use the funding to invest in product development and services. Cloudera has launched Cloudera Enterprise, a subscription service to support Hadoop deployments.


Topics: CXO, Banking, Enterprise Software, Hardware, Storage

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