Connecting the dots: RIM may launch its Black Pad Monday

Connecting the dots: RIM may launch its Black Pad Monday

Summary: Research in Motion has been quietly touting a big press event Monday in San Francisco and it appears its Black Pad may be the main event.


Research in Motion has been quietly touting a big press event Monday in San Francisco and it appears its Black Pad tablet may be the main event.

Officially, RIM isn't talking about the event. It's way secretive, but we're told it's important. The RIM press briefing is expected to go down Monday before its developer conference in San Francisco. At the event, RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis will deliver the keynote at Moscone West.

So why are we willing to bet that the Black Pad is coming soon? Like Monday.

We're starting to get pitches from folks that will start supporting the Blackberry Black Pad. The big caveat is "when it launches." Seems obvious no?

Let's see. Key enterprise vendors---the ones most likely to support the Black Pad---like Citrix are planning to support RIM's device. Citix's Receiver app is already a hit on Apple's iPad so it's a no brainer that the company would support every tablet out there. And now we're getting pitches on tablet strategies pegged to the Black Pad.

If you connect the dots it appears the Black Pad is coming next week. After all, RIM's first mission will be to pitch developers on its tablet.

Update: The Wall Street Journal adds a few other details. The 7-inch Black Pad is likely to ditch the BlackBerry OS 6 for a platform from QNX, which was recently acquired. Dropping BlackBerry OS 6 would be a big move. I'd read that as a potential vote of no confidence. After all, iOS and Android can run tablets.

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  • RE: Connecting the dots: RIM may launch its Black Pad Monday

    It is about time! Good for RIM for not waiting as the tech ships roll past. This is HUGE for several reasons, in no particular order.

    First, RIM is releasing a Tablet now. Where as Microsoft is saying it has no immediate plans at all.

    Second, ditching Blackberry 6? For a platform from QNX? They just released Blackberry 6. Will it have the same integration as other Blackberry devices? I have about a 1000 other questions. I guess I will have to wait until the official release to get answers.

    Third. Secretive and Sneaky! Nothing on a Black Pad at all, other than the press release that appeared back in April of 2010 that can be found on each of both RIM's and QNX's company / news web pages.

    I wonder if RIM has had this planned all along. With a whole line of devices powered by it's new QNX platform, soon to come.

    I hope that this is the beginning of a well thought out strategy by RIM.
    • What? Microsoft released the first tablet in Origami fool!

      @daniel.pereznet You know like this is ancient history running Win XP three years ago. There are many Win 7 Slates already out as well. Just because Microsoft themselves aren't releasing or endorsing one doesn't mean they're aren't plenty to go around already out there. Archos had one out last November. If you want a top end Slate this one kicks the competition off a cliff overlooking the Grand Canyon with Premium features. Fact is it's simply gorgeous and uber powerful on Windows 7!

      Motion Kicks Booty w/ Pen on Windows 7!
      <br><br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a><br><br>That's just one and not even the best one coming. They've got one that has two batteries, so you can charge one while using the other that switches seamlessly for continuous use (meaning unlimited boot up state is possible). That's a device that's running at 2ghz with enough power to do anything you ever wanted!<br><br>For less money there is this Windows 7 beast cranking out 1080P graphics w/ long interchangeable battery life:<br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a><br><br>So you really hate Microsoft that tablet is also available booting both Windows 7 and Android. Sorry but RIM is too little too late and they aren't even using a familiar OS like Windows 7 or Android!!! ;) <br><br>Samsung Winning Awards and selling more phones than Worldwide than CrApple iPwnd4 and that's with sales of Galaxy Series Phones on all four top US Carriers just getting started having sold 2million on AT&T and T-Mobile alone in just half the time of iPhone 4. What's going to happen with Galaxy Tab invades the World? It will obliterate CrApple and Black Pad Sales!<br><br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>
      • Windows pads

        @i2fun@... Where a full-blown version of Windows on a slate-type form factor may have its advantages, it also has strong disadvantages as proven by the fact that Windows has been on tablets for ten years now without having a significant impact on the mobility front. Quite honestly, it's far too much OS with nowhere near enough application availability to be an effective competitor. In other words, it's effectively useless.

        I have to admit I'm surprised that RIM is rolling out a new mobile OS so soon after releasing their Blackberry 6 OS, but other bloggers have already pointed out that the current Blackberry OS really isn't as touch friendly as a tablet form factor needs. (This is also Windows' biggest drawback.) The release of QNX on the Black Pad may herald the conversion from the old Blackberry OS to a more touch-centric OS across the board. However, this could also be a drawback as the two platforms are probably not all that compatible with each other and a complete changeover will take at least two years based on the average provider service contract. Done right, and RIM could stop its slide in the overall market and maybe even regain some of its lost share; done wrong, and RIM may be forced out of the market entirely.

        The good news is that this opens the market even more for tablet-type devices--a market most said would never take off only 6 months ago. Now it's time to see how this market affects the other platforms.
      • Someone Needs Some Love

        @i2fun@... Calm down Dude, we get it! Just pick one OS and stick with it - bouncing between 3 just to bash Apple does no good. My guess is that you're a MicroSuck kind of a guy! Stick with THAT dinosaur baby!!
      • RE: Connecting the dots: RIM may launch its Black Pad Monday

        @i2fun@... Except that, as far as I've seen, Windows pads aren't very good. Good features under the hood, maybe, but slow, unresponsive, clunky, stylus-only operation (no touch capability... which, in all fairness is probably changed now)
        Like it or not, the iPad set a new standard for tablet devices, just the way the iPod did for mp3 players. Windows slate devices have been around for years and haven't made an impact. I think the Black Pad, if it does what it's supposed to, with outrun Windows tablets, the same way that android and apple tablets have already done, despite the huge head start Microsoft has had.
      • RE: Connecting the dots: RIM may launch its Black Pad Monday

        @unclefixer You might want to click on a link before saying anything that proves both you and vulpine live out in LEFT FIELD beyond all reason and sanity!

        Here's just one Windows 7 Slate that runs i7 chip, along with being industrial enough to shizt all over anything from Apple. It also has Multi-Touch and the best Ink Handwriting Stylus recognition of any device out. That's why our own government buys them in mass quantities!

        The Blackberry device mentioned here and that iFad thing you so dearly and believe is the first and best slate/tablet PC? Just isn't all that and can't even come close to competing with this device in any category or use. It is flat out the most powerful hand held Slate PC on the market today. You can't hurt it by merely dropping it on carpet like an iFad and it has honest to goodness real stylus handwriting recognition not fake finger inaccurate input claiming to be good.... but simply NOT!

        btw.... the multi-touch Apple claims to have invented or stole or bought that was around before the company they bought stole it works wonderful on this device!!! ;)
      • Oh the government buys them ;_)

        @i2fun@... This is supposed to make people think the slates are good "That's why our own government buys them in mass quantities!".

        How's your economy doing? How's your country doing?

        Best ask your government (or at least the last one).

        My line of thinking is that if government buys something then it is overpriced and has flaws.

      • As Compared to What Country? Still #1 That's Why You're Jealous! lol

        @ColdFusion_z Last time I checked I still have plenty of money in the bank, my house is paid for, still working and I don't yet pay the government half my wages like most Socialist Countries in Europe!<br><br>I looked outside this morning saw the sun and said to myself.... God is indeed GOOD and America is the most blessed country in the World... as I saw a flock of geese fly over. Life is indeed beautiful here! about YOU? :O <br><br>As far as our government goes, in making the purchase of these slates? Well I didn't mention that some of those Super Socialist countries that keep taking more rights away from their people than ours, also buy these slates. Also there are major Corporations and Universities that buy these as well as many militaries around the World.<br><br>In fact... if you want truly industrial strength hardware and software, this is about the only thing you'll find available that comes close to being called a slate or tablet PC. It's got an i7 processor, tons of fast ram and best features you could want fool.... and the power to slap most people's full PC's up side the face and embarrass them while doing it. But don't take my word for it or even these other governments and corporate powers that be's word for it. Try one before putting your big fat foot in your mouth!!! ;)
      • Then why isn't it selling?

        @i2fun@... : I pointed out that Windows has been on a tablet form factor of ten years, but without touch-centric applications, quite literally what good is it?<br><br>I've never argued that there's been better hardware, but honestly until all computers become touch-based, you just won't see touch software for the desktop environment. By then, the iPad itself may be running a full version of OSX--but not until then.<br><br>Oh, and I did click that link the first time--and saw absolutely nothing I didn't already know. Even Win7Home is useless without the software to make it work. As I said, without touch-based software, it's effectively useless.
        Also, at over $3100, it's grossly overpriced compared to the current market. Granted, it runs a full desktop OS, but now you're paying 6x the price for less than 1% of the market.
  • Glad to see it.

    Finally, a real competitor for the iPad. Wannabes and just-around-the-corners and coming-soons have been in the news for months. Nothing to show for it. It'll be good to something real for a change.
    • RE: Connecting the dots: RIM may launch its Black Pad Monday


      Not a real competitor yet. It needs to exist first. But, it will be interesting to see which form factor, between 7 inch and 10 inch, becomes more popular. Rumours for a 7 inch iPad early next year are strong.
      • Size matters

        @jorjitop : Personally, I'd prefer 8.5" x 11" with handwriting recognition. If you're going to replace paper, replace it with a paper-sized display.
    • RE: Connecting the dots: RIM may launch its Black Pad Monday


      Are you serious? You do realize this is all based on speculation. No one knows for sure if QNX will be used, what it will look like, app availablitly (and if it's anything like App World, hope is looking dim). From what was said, it appears that RIM is targeting business users. If true, it's the same thing that was said about the iPad - it's a problem in search of a solution.
  • for you big brother fans

    looks like the black pad is the "meow meow" haha
  • RE: Connecting the dots: RIM may launch its Black Pad Monday

    The QNX stuff looks very powerful. It is giving them very fast boot time, self healing, muti-core processer support, and military grade security. If they ported the BB 6 UI shell on top of that then WOW.

    If they really pulled that off then I would say the world has underestimated them big time.

    They still have the no apps problem. That will not change until they get some real tools for developers.
  • Is it going to be as crappy as the Touch??

    The Touch was an improvement over older Blackberry phones .... but compared to iPhone and Android smartphones, it is way behind the times.
    • RE: Connecting the dots: RIM may launch its Black Pad Monday

      The Touch? What is that? RIM released a BB called The Torch but never anything called The Touch??
    • BB has better security, better enterprise integration

      Your right, it isn't as good a toy but as an enterprise tool it has much better integration with IT. Great connection ability, great sound (speakerphone too), great email and messaging. I am on AT&T and never the dropped calls that seem to plague the IPhones. Gaming platform - definitely not. But serious tool for serious people - definitely. Industrial design seems to survive numerous drops, collisions and bumps. Seems like I can call from anywhere.
  • It's not really a competitor to the iPud...'s got it's own cultivated market segment. Folks who buy Apple are'nt really in the market for anything else. For seome curious reason, they believe anything not real shiny with no Apple logo, is merely a piece of buggy garbage. I've never could figure out how they find all these defects in a PC, that I can't find. And they never ever even use them.
    Feldwebel Wolfenstool
    • "And they never ever even use them."

      @Feldwebel Wolfenstool : I'd like you to realize that nearly 50% of all new Mac sales are by people who have never owned an Apple product before--at least according to Apple's reports, which could be skewed somewhat.

      However, I also have to point out that many of those people have and still do use Windows as well as OSX and iOS. These people have seen and still do see issues with non-Apple devices and OSes--mostly due to the fact that the OS is not purpose-integrated with the device and has to accommodate a much more widely variated hardware environment. This alone means that the OS cannot operate as efficiently as Apple's on the majority of devices <i>unless</i> that hardware is as tightly specced as Apple's own.

      I would also point out that even Windows 7, as good as it is, took several steps backwards in Microsoft's attempt to make it more user friendly. One of the most obvious and confusing factors I can name is their putting the control panel behind at least two levels of menus rather than keeping it up front as it was in XP and previous versions. Their naming conventions for the changed control panels is confusing as well, people used to looking for Add/Remove Programs now having to hunt for another label entirely.

      Oh, no--folks who buy Apple never, ever use a PC.