Dell acquires Clerity as shopping spree continues

Dell acquires Clerity as shopping spree continues

Summary: Dell will lump Clerity in with the company's services unit so it can help move legacy applications to cloud and other modern architectures.


Dell's acquisition spree continues as the company acquired Clerity Solutions, a company that modernizes applications.

Terms of the deal weren't disclosed.

Dell said the plan is to lump Clerity in with the company's services unit so it can help move legacy applications to cloud and other modern architectures.

In a nutshell, Clerity "re-hosts" applications so customers can move them off their infrastructure. Clerity's flagship software is dubbed Unikix and the focus appears to be moving mainframe workloads to other computing systems.

Dell will absorb Clerity's 70 workers in its services unit.

On Monday, Dell acquired Wyse.

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  • Very interesting development...

    And I might add a bit of a concern. Clerity's support is quite good, and I just hope Dell doesn't off-shore it like their own PC support. That would not be a good thing at all IMHO. I also hope that the acquisition doen't end up causing personnel at Clerity to "jump ship." They've got some very good people there and hopefully they'll remain with the company.

    Coming from the mainframe world, the fact that Dell has former CA Technologies CEO John Swainson over their software division is also somewhat of a concern, since CA software was the most expensive we had on the mainframe. A repeat of that kind of pricing on alternative platforms would not be good at all.
    • Sticker cost is all they care about,

      therefore that is where they will drive things.

      Then say how nobody here is capable... (which is a non-truth, or a half-lie based on citing half-baked examples*, but it allows them to sleep at night and that's all they care about...)

      * (e.g. they compare offshoring call center jobs to the likes of the nitwits at Geek Sqaud, with real professionals not bothering because the pay isn't worth it, thanks to Geek Squad and others driving down prices to nix the competition, which is all the want - more customers via less-than-ethical means, noting Geek Squad's tiny history of stealing peoples' data, using pirated software, and everything else that can be found in 2 seconds via a simple web search...)
    • mainframe is obsolite. There are net apps for that.

      webservers are takeng the place of the last few mainfraime remnanants that were not killed off do to the client server model. Clerity offers a cheaper alternative to phase out the old technology with out needing the old out dated hardware taking up valuble office storeage realestate
      a company moving twards either server client implementations or net apps soltuions can still have the traditional mainfrane infastructure running on a private cloud concurrently.

      as they say change in business is like changing a car tire while the car is still in motion.

      But will companies use it? Because there is also another saying
      If it ain't broke why fix it?
    • Support is a valid concern, however...

      Dell has a pretty good track record of integrating acquisitions ever since bringing on Dave Johnson. Plus the comparison of consumer PC support to anything in the enterprise is apples to oranges. The expectations- and frankly margins- are such that the need/desire to cut costs on support doesn't make sense. I guess there's an outside shot I have this wrong, since I work for Dell but not in M&A or enterprise. But like I said, we have a track record with acquisition integration.
      Dell-Bill B