Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

Summary: At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Dell's Dave Zavelson shows off the company's new 10-inch Windows 7 tablet.


At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Dell's Dave Zavelson shows off the company's new 10-inch Windows 7 tablet. Its standout feature is the ability to open up the case, flip the screen, and then convert it into a laptop design. The tablet will be available later this year.

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  • Who would want Windows 7 on a Dell tablet?

    Let's see, the poor quality of a DELL combined with the complete lack of speed or efficiency in Windows 7, that will work about as well as piss in a paper toilet.
    • I bege to differ sir, I am using Windows 7 and it rocks. Show me something

    • Right.... or let's see iPwn'd 4 Fail to Connect at all in it's debut! lol..

      @Socratesfoot I can't believe you idiots are willing to accept CrApple's iFad and iPwn'd 4 Introduction demo failures as not the product's failure. But if it's anything to do with Windows 7 or any competing product, they are supposed to be perfect even before consumers actually gets their hands on them. If it'd had CrApple's name on it, then the same device would be an instant success, in spite of Steve iHitler's failure to Fascistly like command it into working prior to it's actual consumer launch.<br><br>Amazing how morons think their own favorite devices are still somehow more "Magical and Revolutionary" in spite of them FAILING outright when introduced themelves. When this device is at least actually working better than the last two CrApple products did when introduced to the public!!!

      How soon iFantoids are willing to forget or... for that matter remember about both iFad in January and iPwn'd 4 in early June!!! ;)
    • RE: Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

      @Socratesfoot You almost sound bitter....
      Feldwebel Wolfenstool
    • RE: Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

      you sir are an idiot, Windows 7 is great and it boosts my gaming performance like no other windows os
    • RE: Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

      @Socratesfoot My, how substantive. And concise too. I'm bettin' you are far too superior to even have a right mouse button.
      Thanks for the mindless amusement though.
  • So, it's a tablet PC in reverse!

    Instead of taking a laptop and rotating a screen to make it a tablet, you take a screen and rotate it to make a laptop!

    Shazaam! It will sell by the millions! Especially since the screen is so awesome at wide viewing angles (I loved the zombie look to UP) and the performance was so blazing that most actions only needed two taps to get them to work.
  • RE: Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

    You who don't like Dell, fine, but atleast critique this product on its own merits. Don't use this as a chance to clutter yet another talkback with drivel.

    Performance - how does it benchmark against others in its class (cpu)?
    Design - Does it do what its meant to do ?
    Price - for its class (cpu) and features is it priced correctly?

    Windows 7 - works well for my on my laptop, better then any other Windows OS ever did. And its a Dell.
  • RE: Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

    Anyone else notice the arrow cursor while in 'touch' mode? How many ways can we spell 'kludge'? I expect them to either kill it from embarrassment or sell at least a dozen or so.
    • RE: Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

      @dheady@... Troll much?
      Feldwebel Wolfenstool
  • Nice basic idea...

    Solves the problem of most convertible tablets looking very awkward from the side, but introduces a lot of wasted space all around the screen for a bigger overall footprint than should be needed by the 10" screen.

    But windows 7 is a bit heavyweight an OS for the Atom CPU, so I'd rather see something like this running Android (and being even thinner while I'm dreaming).
  • RE: Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

    It needs the i5core intel, quad processor with nvidia to make it rock.
  • Half way there

    The keyboard appears to protect the screen when the unit is closed, which is good. However, there should be provision for portrait mode use. Outlook and Word suck in landscape mode.
  • even the first demo gets stuck then he shows PIXAR's movie UP!

    the sphere doesn't move. he stabs and stabs at it<br>when it does it crawls.....<br>then it gets STUCK....<br>then he says.. (since it DON'T work) "let's move on"<br><br>(demo's are rehearsed and supposed to show the BEST on your platform)<br><br>then the guy says I'm going to show a movie 'his daughter is in LOVE with' ... the movie UP which is made by.... PIXAR (you know the company Steve Jobs sold to Disney making Jobs Disney's biggest shareholder and a member of the board). Steve must be laughing his head off ... yep help him make MORE money by advertising a Pixar movie... (now I now why Gates and Ballmer banned their children from using any Apple devices. Imagine 'little Gates really LOVES his imac...' )<br><br>then he shows the Zombie game which has been on iOS Foreveeeeer... (this Dell is one of the first tablets running Windows 7 and Msft. is one of the largest game makers around and Msft couldn't get their guys to 'put out a new kick ass touch game' for new Win 7 tablets?) <br><br>geee..... gawdam....
    • It's still a prototype...

      Meaning it's not quite 100% perfect. Yet.

      Like Jobs never had problems with demos of stuff either. Seems to me he had a BIG problem connecting to the network the last time around.

      As far as the choice of movie... Would you rather he showed something less appropriate? Maybe some blood and guts? Or how about some porn?

      This wasn't a Microsoft developer's conference - it was an Intel conference.

      As far as that game is concerned... New games tend to have bugs - LOTS of bugs. Would it not be better to show one that's had a few to have the kinks work out - thus avoiding a bit of embarassment?
      • LOL!

        @Wolfie2K3 <br><br>even when he has glitches, Steve Jobs sails through them and the glitches are like 2% out of 100% of his performance. This guys whole thing practically sucked: shows some photos and movies that a digital picture frame can do). And this going against iOs 4.2 and iPad 2 is on the horizon. <br><br>You have to be in real deep into RDF to think that the whole thing especially with the amount of hype Dell, Intel and Msft has put into Win 7 tablets. <br><br>And as for the games: sheeeessssh.... Msft is going up against Apple Google and Msft OWNS game developers and Msft is betting the big bucks on Win 7 tablets and they can't make a special game demo for this? Remember THREE years ago when Apple came up with the iPhone Apple which does not own any game companies managed to convince game developers to put out games using the then BRAND NEW to everybody touch interface, the game-shops ported games over for touch and added touch only flourishes in just weeks after they got the iPhone OS specs. Msft and Dell not able to get THIS game thing nailed shows the total disarray (hey Apple has already shown the way: you've got the 3 year old iPhone, iOS and the many months old iPad to COPY from). To me this clearly shows Apple having caught their competitors flatfooted (before iPad their cry was "tablets fail, netbooks is the way!!") and knocked them for loop. Did Apple when it started the revolution make excuses "it's just a prototype dudes". lol. If prototype isn't good enough WHY SHOW IT? This isn't 2007 and even then Apple didn't show a 'prototype iPhone' when it was first revealed. Against an established rival the iPad you better get it right the first time otherwise you'll spend endless effort correcting the sucky first impression. <br><br>And as for UP, hey the MAIN competitor right now in the tablet space is Apple. (Serious androids are still yet to come). And to show your main competitors iconic leader's Pixar movie.... <br>you say "Would you rather he showed something less appropriate? Maybe some blood and guts? Or how about some porn" <br>really? There's UP and then there's blood and porn? that's your logic.<br>dude there are hundreds of movies to choose from.. and if you can't even do that.... <br><br>If you think that's smart... wow<br>did you see how cleverly Apple spliced footage of Star Trek into the iPad movie segments: subliminally it connects to the futuristic Trek PADDs and feel good future exciting future with the iPad. Ipad = the glorious future and technology like lightspeed star ships.<br>When you show 'UP' many Press techies who are the ones watching this conference (and who dam well know Steve owned Pixar) the line of thought goes like this: Steve Jobs: Great movies: S. Jobs great animation studio... Steve jobs great computer company... which made the iPAD!! You're going to link your Dell product with an Apple associated thing which you say your 'daughter LOVES'.?! etc. <br>That kind of background thinking you arouse is good when you are launching your own tablet?<br><br>when you launch a product that is going to be placed against a run away blast success like the iPad (millions sold every quarter. ) you better get it RIGHT the FIRST TIME you show you baby to the world. With the Dell Streak having less than stellar results (to be polite) Dell needed to hit OUT of the BALL PARK.<br><br>--- Actually I shouldn't and don't criticize the presenter dude too much ... Dell put him in a pretty tough position with that half finished.. (I'll leave the description blank)
      • Hey Wolfie2k3 You're Fighting a One Man CrApple Army!

        @Wolfie2K3 Just so you know Davewrite, Banned from ZDNet, Dave95 and ShazAmerica are all from the same CrApple iNazi! ......I think he lives off a Mental Disability Grant or something and with so many accounts/personalities (all addicted to CrApple) he can literally baffle us with bullshizt! ....or at least so he thinks! ;)

        But to me this is the real definition of "Magical and Revolutionary" when it finally launches! ...of course we'll now have to deal with CrApple coming out with something similar like MS and the Slate, claiming it's the first of it's kind and threatening to sue MS for copying them!
  • RE: Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

    I want more info, but it sure looks cool
  • RE: Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

    Dave needed to pace his presentation a little more carefully. He was either nervous, hyped, or attempting to match Apple's demo pacing (using a far less demanding OS). That's never going to work, and it just makes Dell/MS look bad in comparison.

    Having said all that, I'm going to give this piece a serious look when it's released.
  • If it's an Atom....

    PASS on that bucket of FAIL!