Dell's Mini packs Ubuntu, XP; Vodafone to sell it

Dell's Mini packs Ubuntu, XP; Vodafone to sell it

Summary: Update: Dell's Inspiron Mini 9 now available and Dell is pushing the netbook is available on its site. Meanwhile Vodafone is going to sell the Mini in Europe.


Update: Dell's Inspiron Mini 9 now available and Dell is pushing the netbook is available on its site. Meanwhile Vodafone is going to sell the Mini in Europe.

dellmini.pngWhile Dell's move (Techmeme) could be viewed as playing catchup to other rivals such as Asus the Vodafone deal is notable. Vodafone says it will sell Dell's Mini in Europe in a move that was previewed by Michael Dell on Wednesday. Dell said at the Citigroup Technology Conference that telecom carriers will sell netbooks to push 3G services. What U.S. carriers will follow?

The Inspiron Mini (statement) will run $349 with Ubuntu $399 for one with XP. Also as expected is bundled in with the system. In a nutshell, Dell's Mini (see Dell's blog) looks like a lot of netbooks such as the Asus eeePC.

Some specs:

  • It weighs 2.28 pounds;
  • Has a solid state drive;
  • 8.9 inch display;
  • Comes with Ubuntu and XP with "custom Dell interface."

Overall, it's a cheap way for me to get an Ubuntu laptop, which was on my things to do list.

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  • That's exactly the netbook I want!

    I only hope that Dell will use the real exchange rate for euro's, instead of 1:1, which is what some importers from American goods do.
  • RE: Dell's Mini packs Ubuntu, XP

    Do you thing that the Windows version would still be priced at $399 if Linux did not exist as an alternative?
    • Yes it would have been

      Simply because MIcrosoft or Linux have little bearing overall as they are not Dell's competitors, HP, Acer, ect are.

      If HP offers their laptop with Windows for a good price, Dell has to, even if Linux was not an option
      • Hello, anybody home? They can ONLY offer XP cheap because MS makes XP

        available really cheap for these devices. Sure, MS offers it cheap to all OEMs. But, MS only offers XP cheap because of Linux, and, even then, XP would not be available at all on these devices if not for Linux.
    • No, not at all, Actually, XP would not even be availble if not or Ubuntu.

      MS only extended the sale of XP for small devices like this so that they would not all ship with Linux.
  • At this point you may as well wait for integrated 3G

    Prices are coming down so fast, plus these things are perfect for carrying around everywhere no matter where you go. Plus the 3G providers will probably subsidize them anyway.
    Michael Kelly
    • I think you're right

      I want one of these but I want to wait for wireless broadband. Competition is a good thing. Prices will keep coming down and the price differential between Windows and Linux will become more apparent.

      I'm leaning toward the Dell because they went with Ubuntu. It's putting price pressure on other laptops. I was in Radio Shack getting a power strip and they had a 15 in model for $479.00. Last years model but still not bad.
  • LMAO!!!!!

    At the top of the Dell page just below the Dell logo is:

    "Dell recommends Windows Vista? Home Premium."

    On a page for a device that WILL NOT RUN Vista!!!
    • Right, that is pretty funny!!! Dell has to do that to be eligbile for

      discounts. MS still using what Monopoly power they have to force OEMs to lie about how they feel.
      • zzzzzzzzzzzzzznt

  • RE: Dell's Mini packs Ubuntu, XP

    How can you have a pocket size notebook without integrated 3G...where is it Mr Dell?
    • missed the mark...

      I don't see any advantage to buying the Dell over say the Acer Aspire One which can be had cheaper at any B&M store. It has a better keyboard (no function keys dell?), hard drive option and XP all for less. Though I'd rather wait for Lenovo to catch its production up as the 10" screen and express card slot are big selling features. Dell brought nothing to the table over the current competition and are charging more for it unless you buy a $1500 laptop or wait till coupons surface.
  • Are you new to Ubuntu? See Video Tutorials

    If you are new to Ubuntu, take a look at these video tutorial's and how to videos on using it here:

  • H x V resolution?

    What is the horizontal x vertical pixel resolution of these mini-laptops? Is it worth getting these over a cellphone? If so, why?
    • The screen: Glossy 8.9 inch LED display (1024X600)

      This is a different category than a cellphone. The screen is much bigger than on a cellphone, and, well, it is not a phone.
  • What a shame ...

    What a shame you can only get one of the three
    configurations with Ubuntu. The two more expensive
    options only come with Windows... What is up with
    that lameness.
    Sloan Miller
    • It's configurable

      You can get the Ubuntu machine with ALL the works and it's still under $500.
      Michael Kelly
      • It's configurable???

        When I clicked on the OS tab on the two more expensive
        models there was only one selection for the Dell
        Machine and it was XP. So if you can do what you are
        mentioning Dell is not making that readily apparent.
        Sloan Miller
        • There's a big button that says "Build Yours"

          [url=]above the Add to Cart link.[/url]

          Although I have to admit the page does seem a bit different since I posted my original response. I seem to remember a link that said "Configure" or something. But anyway it's there.

          Edit: Now that I look at it, selecting the all the maximum features on the last Windows box is cheaper than selecting all the maximum features with Ubuntu, because of the $55 instant savings. $479 for Windows, $494 for Ubuntu. That's something worth asking Dell about.

          Edit 2: I think I also see what you are getting at. You have to select the Linux machine first, THEN pile on the upgrades. Selecting the Ubuntu machine likewise does not give you an XP option. I imagine they do it this way because XP needs the upgrades to run well whereas you can get away with lower resources on the Ubuntu machine.
          Michael Kelly
  • Lets talk cheap. :-)
    Arm A. Geddon