Deloitte predicts top 10 tech trends in 2012

Deloitte predicts top 10 tech trends in 2012

Summary: We'll definitely see more about the cloud and social integration in the enterprise in 2012, but Deloitte also predicts big things for gamification and user empowerment next year.

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As we get closer to the end of 2011, it's only natural to not only reflect on the biggest trends of the last year but also predict what we can see more of in the next.

Deloitte has come out with its top 10 picks for what will be the hottest technology trends in 2012. Predictably (and rightly), most of them fall along the lines of the "SoCoMo" pattern, meaning social, cloud, and mobile.

We definitely saw a lot about these three topics in 2011, but we'll see much deeper integration amongst the three of them next year -- especially along with the expansion of cloud computing as that continues to develop and flesh out.

Deloitte has split up its predictions in half into two categories: "re-emerging enablers" and "disruptive deployments." More simply, those can be defines topics that CIOs are taking another look at and new, transformative topics, respectively.

Those older topics include geo-spatial visualization (i.e. use of location-aware data), digital identities, deeper data analysis, measured innovation, and outside-in architecture (i.e. delivering business through an ecosystem).

But the heavy hitters next year are predicted to be (but likely not limited to) and social integration in the enterprise, hybrid cloud/on-premise storage solutions, and enterprise mobility.

Two topics that have been batted around in 2011 but should get some more attention in 2012 are gamification and user empowerment. We've seen some businesses touch upon the incentives of gamification at work for productivity and team building purposes, but perhaps we can finally this in action more as the solution evolves and gets picked up by more companies.

Additionally, bringing-your-own-device to work has become an ever-so-pressing issue in 2011 for IT departments and CIOs, and Deloitte predicts for this to continue as end-users become empowered to directly grab solutions from the cloud or app stores for their mobile devices and computers.

For more information about these topics, check out Deloitte's detailed report.


Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • RE: Deloitte predicts top 10 tech trends in 2012

    We're quoting Deloitte's tech predictions as newsworth? Oy ...
    • RE: Deloitte predicts top 10 tech trends in 2012

      @draku.zeos What's the problem with that? Deloitte are a top tech consultancy with some good (and improving) research teams. And they obv. have an efficient PR dept. admittedly. But the main thing is the predictions are good. Which tech firm are you generating insight for?
  • RE: Deloitte predicts top 10 tech trends in 2012

    It's crazy to see how social media is taking over in so many ways. I found this other site that has some of its own social media tech predictions Interesting to read...I wonder how many will be true