Do we really hate Apple and the iPhone?

Do we really hate Apple and the iPhone?

Summary: Two A Day says ZDNet just hates Apple and the iPhone--before it's even out. And in a nice display of doing homework the author cites more than 50 negative articles about iPhone in a week.

TOPICS: iPhone, Apple, Mobility

Two A Day says ZDNet just hates Apple and the iPhone--before it's even out. And in a nice display of doing homework the author cites more than 50 negative articles about iPhone in a week.

What Two A Day calls negative, I'd call perspective. The iPhone is getting attention because it's merely the biggest product launch of the year. And it's a helluva lot more interesting to us than Paris Hilton. Another thing to note: The bloggers cited in Two A Day's argument are independent--it's organic and what happens happens.

We offer a platform for opinion and the more the merrier. We also don't edit or monitor the opinions that are displayed to make sure they align with any particular constituency--advertisers, Apple fanboys etc etc. As for the vast ZDNet page view conspiracy, we're following the iPhone story--like everyone else in the media. We'll follow it as it develops--that's why there was so many iPhone posts last week there was a little thing called WWDC going on. We also do other things--SOA, SaaS, Open Source; 802.11n in the enterprise, storage etc.

Two A Day assumes we're a bunch of depressed people "who see the glass as not just half full but the water is full of chemicals and the glass must be dirty."

Again, I'd call that perspective. Should we really be a bunch of fanboys? Is it any fun to have any person with a speck of realism about Apple shouted down? More importantly are the posts cited by Two A Day really all that negative?

Here's the Two A Day list with our alleged negativity (my comments in italics--I apologize in advance for any snarkiness).

Two A Day's 11 blogs cribbed from the post.


“Apple beefs up iPhone battery specs” (amazing - a whole ZDNET blog news post without a snarky comments)

“10 things wrong with touchscreens” My take: So we highlight Nigel Powell's post on problems with touchscreens and we're negative. Umm ok.

“6 reasons not to switch to Safari on a PC” My take: You caught us we were the only ones to notice Safari's security problems. Apple noticed them too--with a patch hours after release.

“Only AT&T corporate stores to carry iPhone” My take: Negative or just a fact?

“Apple canceling Personal Shopping appointments for 29 June”My take: Jason made an appointment to get dibs on two iPhones. Way negative there.

““Sleep Camp” nixed, you still have to reboot” My take: Again, negative or fact. It's a valid question to ask why Sleep Camp was nixed. Sorry for asking.

“Apple lulls developers to sleep at hardware-less WWDC” Developers like hardware. My take: Jason likes hardware. Forgive us for asking: "Hey where's the hardware?"

“Beta Nazi: No Leopard for you” My take: For those of us that have followed the Microsoft beta process Apple's process is downright strange. This isn't just our beef. “iPhone acquisition strategies (Update 2)” My take: Jason plots on how to get an iPhone. Pure evil there.

“iTunes Plus tracks contain user info” My take: That's a fact.

“Fortune: Apple TV a “dud” My take: Forgive us for noting that someone else questioned Apple TV.

“iPod that you can drive over” (drives over his Shuffle - still works - positive) This post could become an iPod commercial.

HARDWARE 2.0 “Apple’s reality distortion field in action - iPhone feature comparison” My take: You missed how Adrian noted that Apple marketing is so good it wins over critics like him: "I love Apple’s reality distortion field. I love it because despite being jaded and wary of marketing hyperbole, Apple’s marketing is so good that I almost fall for it. In fact, resisting their products is becoming harder (getting an iPod for Christmas was a slippery slope)."

“iPhone’s improved battery life” (must resist snarky comment, nope can’t do it - QUOTE - is the battery user-replaceable? Oh, and how usable is the virtual keyboard?) We apologize about the snarkiness--we thought that was allowed on blogs. Also you forgot this Adrian comment: The improvements are pretty impressive. Talk time is up from 5 hours to 8 hours, Internet usage up from 5 hours to 6 hours, video playback up from 5 hours to 7 hours and audio playback up from an estimated 16 hours to 24 hours. Bear in mind that this data will vary considerably depending on real-world usage, but it’s still impressive. That was the biggest paragraph of the four.

“Firefox is on Steve Jobs’ hit list!” My take: I'm sure Mr. Jobs didn't intend for that market share graphic.

“Safari for Windows - Do we really need another browser?” My take: A valid question, given I was ga-ga for Safari just a few posts before.

“10 million iPhones = An ideal platform for malware” My take: A point of view--and not a happy one. But with Safari on the iPhone don't be surprised if this issue comes up again. I apologize in advance.

“Users won’t care about iPhone keyboard usability” My take: The point here is that even if the keyboard isn't perfect Apple's customers will buy. Is that so bad?

“Malware could turn innocent iTunes Plus users into file-sharers” My take: Based on Freedom to Tinker. We won't read them again. Total buzzkills.

“Each AppleTV costs $237 to make” My take: We'll tune out iSuppli too.

“iTunes Plus - Getting more than you bargained for!” My take: Others cited this issue too. Damn negative bloggers worried about privacy.

“iPhone - Out June 29th” QUOTE - ” …still find it hard to see how Apple is going to shift 10 million iPhones in 2008" My take: I'll dock Adrian for being skeptical.

“Scoble: AppleTV “left the door open to its competitors”” Phew, this commenting on comments gets tiring.

IP Telephony, VOIP (real imaginative blog title there you forgot the Broadband;))/BLACKBERRY BEAT (same guy write both blogs) “Eight hours of iPhone battery life? Ain’t gonna happen too often” (aka: trust me, I know it all and I’m never wrong because in my dreams where I’m holding an iphone, it goes dead after 7 hours!) My take: LOL

“Safari for Windows main problem? Mac cultists” My take: Actually, here Russell notes how the Windows crowd had glee over Safari's issues. That's because they are sick of hearing how the Mac is superior forever. Interesting point from Russell:

I suspect the real reason for this derision about Safari for Windows is the pathological hatred of Microsoft among the Mac cultists. Anything Apple does that is seen as some sort of accomodation to Windows users earns stated hostility from some Mac cultists, and unstated hostility from many more.

“Report: iPhone cool stuff access will require two-year data plan” My take: Is this all that surprising?

“Plan to buy an iPhone June 29? “Undoubtedly there will be shortages” My take: Is this shocking? Try getting an iPhone June 30.

“Poll: do you care that iPhone is missing a physical keyboard?” My take: How dare us ask this question.

“This AT&T store is taking an iPhone waiting list: “If you’re here you’ll get it” “Windows Users: drop everything and install Safari for Windows now” (sarcasm) “iPhone ad secret Apple probably doesn’t want you to know” “Apple TV chips cost breakdown here” Damn iSuppli. “As iPhone is released, AT&T BlackBerry support’s probably gonna suck” My take: BlackBerry folks may want to be on alert.

“BlackBerry vs. iPhone: Google iPhone search brings up BB Curve Sponsored Link” “What would it take for you to switch from BlackBerry to iPhone?” My take: Another valid question. JOHN CARROLL - DEVELOPER (A MS employee) “Thoughts on HTC’s iPhone competitor” (somewhat positive) QUOTE - “Clearly, I favor Microsoft products, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. I was a fan of the company’s technology long before I was employed by them in May of 2005.” “Thoughts on Apple TV” (surprise, doesn’t like it - imagine that from a MS employee). My take: He owns a Zune too (probably). It's not like we're hiding John is a Microsoftie.

“Countering Apple’s ad campaign” (his ad suggestion for MS - I think there’s a reason this guy works for MS and not Apple or Nike). My take: LOL.

MOBILE GADGETEER “GotVoice brings some iPhone functionality to your current mobile phone” My take: Pretty neutral to me. Voice voicemail is nice.

“The iPhone will cost me at least US$2245, how about you?” My take: Pretty positive. See:

So now that the very slick Apple iPhone TV ads are available for viewing, I am sure many of us have our gadget lust peaked and are thinking about what our iPhone acquisition strategy may be on 29 June. As compelling as the iPhone looks, there are also many of us who are not AT&T customers and are locked into other carriers for a period of up to 2 years. My personal situation results in a couple of alternatives for me to get an iPhone, with a total price difference for 2 years of service totaling at least US$2,245 or US$2,383 and after putting it down on paper I may actually go for it so check out the details below if you are with another carrier and thinking about the switch or addition.

“HTC beats Apple to the touch” My take: Well isn't that a fact?

“Is the Apple iPhone really that fast?” My take: We'll find out.

“Steve Ballmer:Windows Mobile 60%+ vs Apple iPhone at 3%” (actual comments neutral)

WEB 2.0 EXPLORER “No iPhone for me, thanks to AT&T!” My take: Spying worries. Silly Alan.

“Finally! An Apple web strategy” My take: He's a disgruntled .Mac customer.

“Safari on Windows? The real reason behind the new release” He's not the first one to wonder about this one. “Dear Steve Jobs (I want subscription music)” My take: I'd like subscription music too.

“Dot Mac Dead?” My take: Explained above.

BERLIND’S TESTBED (Under the Hood of Technology)

“Author of Gas.App mines his Web logs for iPhone specs (and finds them)” “Will Apple’s boost to iPhone’s battery life be enough?” “With respect to iPhone, Microsoft rolls over and plays dead” QUOTE - “But the many discouraging aspects of the iPhone is not really what this blog post is about, or is it?” My take: Given that David's posts run long that's the best quote you could come up with for those headlines?

ALL ABOUT MICROSOFT (Unblinking Eye on MS - um, unblinking eye, is that the LOTR’s thing?) “And in case you haven’t seen it, there’s the Fake Steve Ballmer blog.” Fake Steves abound. “Leopard looks like … Vista” Yea, hard to top this one, she tries a few days later to claim that yes, she wrote ‘Leopard Looks Like Vista,’ but we misquoted her … after all, you could interpret those 4 words many different ways … maybe if you read it Yoda-style, it might sound different? My take: LOL. That'll teach a Windows girl to navigate Apple waters. Vista and Leopard do kinda look alike though...

ZERO DAY (Virus/Trojan) Okay, this guy is definitely a black cloud guy since he writes about exploits, viruses and spyware - hard to find any positive articles on his blog to begin with on any topic. My take: True. He's a pleasant guy otherwise.

BETWEEN THE LINES (General Tech Blog?) We do a bit of everything. “Apple, Jobs and the UPOD iPhone strategy” Most of article about battery life and new screen but what’s a ZDNET without a negative presumption? QUOTE - “At least until you drop it and have to buy a new one.” Hey I wrote that: Give me a shout when you drop that iPhone ok? Get those padded carrying cases ready.

“Poll: Fake Steve Jobs matters more than the real thing” My take: Silly Business 2.0 poll. Interesting question though. “Blurry, but fast: Safari’s fonts” “Safari for Windows: Embracing and extending” (actual neutral in tone) “Update: ZFS will be in Leopard–sort of” (does anyone really, really care?) “Safari development for the iPhone” (almost positive) “Smart move: iPhone opens up to Web developers” (positive)

ED BOTT'S MICROSOFT REPORT “Is Jobs planning a hostile takeover of the Windows desktop?” QUOTE - “So, my prediction: Come October, when Leopard ships, Apple will announce that anyone buying a new Mac can order an Apple-customized version of Windows Vista pre-installed on the same system.” My take: Will this prediction really shock anyone?


Topics: iPhone, Apple, Mobility

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  • I for one dont hate apple or the iPhone...

    However I wont be buying an iPhone, more because Apple chose to use Cingular(AT&T) as the only carrier.
    • Its not negotiable

      Saying Apple chose Cingular oversimplies marketing. Apple demands a pretty steep cut of the ... pie? and Cingular (AT&T) was willing to accept those terms.

      Actually, Verizon turned Apple down. Verizon was Apple's first choice, not At&t.

      I'm a Verizon customer and can not wait to jump ship - merely because the CEO of Verizon listened to his wallet rather than the customers who want great products, not products that need to be replaced every 18 months.

      That's why people hate Apple - their stuff cost 3x as much and lasts 5x longer. No profit vulture industry.
  • Negatives based on pure speculation

    All of the posts about the iPhone have been based on pure speculation ? based on whatever info Apple has released about it. Most of that speculation has appeared to be more negative; looking for ?potential? problems, than positive; pointing out possibly handy features.

    The simple fact is that nobody knows for sure how well it will work, what will be the glitches (there will be at least some, as with all new products), what will be the benefits to buyers.

    I assume that Apple and/or AT&T has provided some trusted (to honor news embargos) reviewers with iPhones so that they can comment on them after release. It appears that ZDNet bloggers would not be among that group and are working on pure conjecture ? specifically looking for ?potential? problems.

    The above is what gives the impression that ZDNet is hostile to the iPhone.
    • good points and

      I really wonder about the embargoes. Apple has been pretty secretive. Naturally folks I know in the media aren't talking.
      Larry Dignan
      • My guesses

        would be people like David Pogue at the NY Times and Walter Mossberg at the WSJ. Both reach the domographic that Apple wants to reach.

        I guess there are others but those 2 come to mind.
      • Doesn't seem to make any difference if you have one ...

        ... Mossberg's got one and the other day he wasn't feeling the Wow! yet.
        Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
        • Another bit of misinformation from ZDNet

          Not feeling the "wow" yet? That's not what his review says.

          "...the iPhone is, on balance, a beautiful and breakthrough handheld computer..."

          "...Its software, especially, sets a new bar for the smart-phone industry..."

          I encourage anyone to read the full review and decide for themselves whether Mossberg was "wowed" or not. My impression is, he was indeed.
          • and from the article's video...

            More Mossberg direct quotes:

            "Certainly the most beautiful and the most radical smartphone or handheld computer I have ever tested."

            "I was among many people who thought [the lack of a physical keyboard] was a real dealbreaker [...] five days in, I suddenly found I could type as well and as fast as I could type on my Treo's keyboard for years."

            "The phone has a tremendous web browser, the best I have ever seen on a handheld device"

            The only significant drawback Mossberg mentioned was that the product works only on AT&T... which is not directly related to the technology (except in terms of data connection).
    • Negatives based on pure speculation

      "The above is what gives the impression that ZDNet is hostile to the iPhone."

      Of course they are Apple is not one of the Sponsors!
  • The "biggest product launch of the year"...

    ... was of course Vista, by any measure, whether dollar amount of sales, number of sales, impact on computing, effects on the industry.

    How'd you come to overlook a successful product lunch by Microsoft? Regret at the deeper assurance of the failure of desktop Linux to gain a market? ( ;-) )
    Anton Philidor
    • Oh yeah...Vista

      Here come the we hate Microsoft posts...
      Larry Dignan
      • The anti-Microsoft bias has been so blatant...

        ... and thoroughgoing for so long, most people have come to expect the relentless antagonism. Along with the endorsement of open source, blithe belief in the internet as the future of computing, and subservience to IBM. Oh yes, and Ms. Decker as the future leader of Yahoo.
        Anton Philidor
        • ...headed up by ABM'er in chief, George Ou, lol :o)

          Jack-Booted EULA
      • Oh yeah...Vista

        "Here come the we hate Microsoft posts... "

        Hate them no. Their products are copies, which is what they do best.
        Go with the Original! Why waste your hard earned dollars on something inferior!
    • The "biggest product launch of the year"...

      Vista? Well dang people bought it, tried it, hated it and are now selling it on ebay to get some if any money back. Ebay is where people can make low cost mistakes.
      I guess we are back to having a Choice, if you want the iPhone you have to be with one cell service provider. That will be the one reason tomany people will not have one. I like the phone but not the service provider. My choice.. No iPhone!!!!
    • Actually, Leopard preorders are outselling Vista at this point...

      Check the Amazon best seller list. Two Apple OS products (family and individual
      license) are both outselling Vista. Of course Vista has been out awhile and they
      are obviously relying on forcing people to buy it via contracts that historically force
      people to buy windows even if they don't want it. But it's APPLE that is limiting your
      options, riiiiiiiiiight?
      • Actually, Leopard preorders are outselling Vista at this point...

        If you want Vista check out ebay, everyone is trying to unload Microsofts crapware. Just begging to recoup the money they threw away! I have vista on 2 of my PC's and I ain't impressed, but then I got them on ebay for a fraction of the retail cost so do not feel I wasted much. I have Tiger now and Leopard on pre-order for my Mac's no waste there either.
      • Mactards always repeat half truths

        I havent looked but am looking now.

        YES-it seems that Amazon sales of Leopard are in 2nd place with the student version of Office.


        1- Vista is sold over the counter in almost every electronic store, leopard is not.

        2- Direct sales show the immediate sales of Vista far surpassed that of Leopard in its wildest wet dreams!

        So again, what is with Mactards repeating skewed information?

        Is Apple and OSX so pathetic they need to invest bogus comparisons?!
        • Mactards always repeat half truths

          Why Student version of office? Tis only because students are limited to what the schools require. Bit limited in your thinking aren?t you. Your pathetic attempt falls rather flat. Care to explain why Vista sales dropped? Why most that bought it in the rush feels it was a mistake and therefore have it on eBay!
          Best that you clean yourself up after your own wet dream!