Summary: ERP implementations can go bad for a number of reasons.

TOPICS: Tech Industry

ERP implementations can go bad for a number of reasons.

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • I'm not seeing what Kaboodle offers

    that Konqueror does not. Except for the fact that there is a Windows port. But then again, I'm also not seeing what Kaboodle offers that Windows Explorer does not. OK, there's some visual representation, but I'm not overly impressed. I guess it would work in a mixed environment where you want consistant tools across the board.

    That said, I'd probably give it a test drive if it comes out on Gentoo's Portage. The only Kaboodle in there right now is KDE's media player.
    Michael Kelly
    • i agree

      I agree. I don't really see what it offers that I don't already have with other open source software. I will take it for a spin and find out. If its something I can use then I will drop them a 10 spot. :)
  • Kaboodle features

    Heya; I'm the project coordinator behind the Kaboodle project,
    and I wanted to take a stab at the "what Kaboodle offers"

    AFAIK, Kaboodle is the only freeware application which:
    automatically and continuously discovers your network
    population, presents the devices it finds as customizable icons
    in a clickable GUI, enables point-and-click remote control of the
    devices, and offers "firewall friendly" LAN-to-LAN connections.
    The only applications I know of which offer similar capability are
    closed source commercial apps: "Network Magic" from Pure
    Networks, and "NetworkView" from NetworkView Software. If you
    know of any others, please let me know.

    Of course, at some level, Kaboodle is the sum of functions you
    can find individually in many open-source applications (VNC for
    remote-control, Zebedee for secure connections, etc.) That's
    partly where the name "Kaboodle" comes from: it can be fairly
    described as a collection of useful capabilities for the average
    broadband network user (where, hopefully, the whole is greater
    than the sum of its parts). Importantly, though, since Kaboodle
    itself is open-source, it allows us to easily incorporate some very
    useful capabilities (e.g., IM/chat, VoIP, network intrusion
    detection, etc.) being developed in other open-source projects.

    I hope that helps! Please let me know what you think after
    kicking the tires on the 1.0 download.
  • I love Kaboodle!

    I started using Kaboodle pre 1.0 and as an IT Manager for a non profit organization that relys heavily on open source software all I can say is Thanks! We have looked at a plethora of options for managing our growing lan and nothing compares on a cost v. benefit basis to Kaboodle!

    Great job guys and keep up the hard work!