eBay expands free listings to 50 items

eBay expands free listings to 50 items

Summary: eBay will expand to 50 the number of items sellers may list for free on its marketplace and offer additional incentives to make it cheaper and easier for sellers to use the auction platform.

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eBay, today, announced it would expand to 50 the number of items sellers may list for free on its marketplace and offered additional incentives to make it cheaper and easier for sellers to use the auction platform.

eBay's new pricing kicks in April 19 and "builds on a series of free-listing promotions in 2010 that drove significant increases in both new listers and listings," the company said in a statement.

"As we look toward the future of commerce, eBay is positioning small sellers and larger merchants alike for growth, and connecting them with shoppers excited about their great deals and terrific service," said Christopher Payne, senior vice president and head of eBay North America. "We are listening to our customers and continue to tailor pricing to ensure the success of our sellers, and make eBay more convenient, accessible and relevant to their customers."

The company also announced reduced rates for its Final Value Fee rates for Store and Fixed Price sellers (effective in July)  to encourage merchants who offer free or low-cost shipping options.

eBay's marketplace, the company's primary product, has been losing marketshare and is expected to lose more in 2011. Put together, the new pricing plans make it easier for sellers to get their items online and for sell and get buyers shopping, the company said.

eBay's new pricing eliminates the upfront cost for consumers to list auction items on eBay and aligns incentives for eBay sellers to offer free and low-cost shipping. The pricing changes expand on updates announced in January 2010 and more closely align eBay's success with its sellers, while continuing to give shoppers the best deals online.

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Topic: E-Commerce

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  • expenses!

    It isn't the 10cent listing charge the 3cent picture charge that takes all the profits. it is the 8% of the sale that ebay takes from you then paypal take 8% which is ebay. It is not profitable sellign stuff on ebay unless u stole the items u r selling
    • RE: eBay expands free listings to 50 items

      Ant they want to criticize me for my grammar; at least I know it is are you and r u is not a word.
      The problem is these sellers do not know anything about running a business. One cannot start an auction at 99 cents for an item that cost one $5.00 and expect to make a profit. If people did their research and get their collective heads out of the clouds EBay?s charges would not be an issue. Most item I sell on EBay are at least 75% gross profit before fees, most items I sell are over 300% before fees. I always price the item when setting my Minimum bid.
  • RE: eBay expands free listings to 50 items

    The auction profit taker is neither the seller or the buyer. It is really Ebay, with the minimum 8% fee when there is a sale. Ebay is pushing free shipping by sellers. My question is why EBAY is not offering free shipping????!!!!
  • Ebay Scam

    The new change not mentioned in the article above is that ebay will start to charge a FVF on the shipping as well, so that first 50 items with no listing fee is a joke, sellers are now leaving ebay by the thousands for better seller friendly sites like eBid, Webstore, uBid and others
  • RE: eBay expands free listings to 50 items

    Ebay is lining their pockets on this one. I would rather pay the 10 or 25 cent listing fee. I recently sold a mug and shipped it to Japan with shipping being $18.50, now with the same item I will have to pay approx $1.67 more on the final value fee. Here in Canada shipping is not cheap by any means and I always ship the cheapest that I can with no handling fees. Cant see this being to any advantage for us sellers.
  • Amen on the SCAM alert!

    Your selling fee will now include a charge ON YOUR SHIPPING! The heavier it is the more you loose. This was a deliberate move to close a loophole people were using.

    It IS time to move to other auction sites. Actually PAST time.