Ellison outlines the future: Project Fusion

Ellison outlines the future: Project Fusion

Summary: Larry Ellison just finished outlining the future of Oracle/PeopleSoft. While he promised to support PeopleSoft/J.

TOPICS: Oracle

Larry Ellison just finished outlining the future of Oracle/PeopleSoft. While he promised to support PeopleSoft/J.D. Edwards products until 2013,

Topic: Oracle

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  • Sounds good today, but not sure about tomorrow

    The technologies proposed are the sweet spot in today's standards-based computing alphabet soup, but who knows what technologies will be the popular ones 3 years out from today? I guess we'll have to see when we get there...
  • Wait and See

    Still didn't hear anything to comfort the DB2 Z/OS PeopleSoft users.
    • Don't look for comfort from Larry

      I doubt you'll find it. And certainly not in Pleasanton. (Home of PeopleSoft.)

      Stephen Howard-Sarin
      VP, ZDNet.com
      Stephen Howard-Sarin
  • What lies beneath...

    Fusion, as stated now, will be an enormous task: combine the best of the Oracle and PeopleSoft products, while re-engineering the entire product's technical environment. It's pretty ambitious, and I can't believe many people are going to want to jump on it at version 1.0.

    Fusion may just be a FUD screen to keep people from moving forward with their PS 8.9 & 9.0 implementations. If you can get enough people to abandon the current PS platform, then there's a certain point where the proposed support for existing PS customers won't make financial sense as it's envisioned today. If the defections reach critical mass, watch for the support promises to melt away. Who could blame Oracle? This business is all about profits, and a consolidated support structure will be less costly than multiple efforts for multiple products. The key will be knowing when to jump off the sinking ship - too soon and you struggle with immature products; too late and you'll be subject to less-than-stellar legacy support as you prepare to migrate and convert.