Ellison 'to tweet' announcement of new Oracle cloud-based products

Ellison 'to tweet' announcement of new Oracle cloud-based products

Summary: Oracle boss Larry Ellison will mark the release of a new wave of cloud-based products by tweeting the announcement.

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Oracle is poised to announce a new range of cloud-based software services in the first week of June. And chief executive Larry Ellison is planning to mark the occasion by announcing the news in a tweet no less.

Talk about pushing the boat out.

Reuters reports the new Web-based products will include a platform for building and running applications, including databases and business management software. The Oracle chief also said that the company's cloud platform would set itself aside from its rivals through the use of user-controlled virtual machines for each customer, rather than the more traditional multi-tenant architecture.

"In a multi-tenant model you get the new version when they tell you, when you are in your own virtual machine you upgrade when you decide," he said.

Oracle generates around $1 billion in annual revenue from its Web-based software, Ellison said at the D:10 conference. It's roughly three-times the figure Salesforce.com will pull in during the current fiscal year, despite the company soaring ahead of Oracle in the product distribution race.

Ellison also noted how "IBM was number one in databases," he said. "Now we are number one." Increasing the aggressive competitive attitude, the Oracle boss said he wanted to "beat" IBM in high-end servers and middleware applications.

Oracle is fourth in the worldwide server market revenue with a declining share of 5.9 percent, down from 6.3 percent in the first quarter. IBM stands at 28.1 percent, HP at 27.8 percent, and Dell at 14.9 percent, latest Gartner figures show.

More details will be announced June 6 at an event at Oracle headquarters in California.


Topic: Oracle

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  • Ellison 'to tweet' announcement of new Oracle cloud-based products

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