Father of Google Apps: How Google entered the cloud (video)

Father of Google Apps: How Google entered the cloud (video)

Summary: Touted as the "father of Google Apps," Google's manager of Chrome for Business discusses how Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt once rejected the idea of Gmail.


At the GigaOm Net:Work conference in San Francisco, Google's Rajen Sheth talks about how the product development of Gmail inspired Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt to embrace cloud computing.

The three at first "soundly rejected the idea" of Gmail because he was pitching it as packaged software, Sheth says. A few months later he came back with the concept of putting Gmail in the cloud.

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  • The "father" or the guy who did the "google" to get the source ....

    ... from available open source projects? Sorry but there isn't a single product from Google (outside of the search engine) that is original from Google. Even Android was created with a purchase, and most of it is not even code made or paid by Google. Not even Darwin, the alleged "clean room" version of the JavaVM (that contains exact code from the Java source tree) is original.