Firefox 3 takes shape with Alpha 5

Firefox 3 takes shape with Alpha 5

Summary: Mozilla released Firefox Alpha 5 and the browser that will be known as Firefox 3 still isn't ready for public consumption, but is worth a peek for developers.Here's what's new with Firefox 3, also known as Gran Paradiso 1.

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Mozilla released Firefox Alpha 5 and the browser that will be knowgran.pngn as Firefox 3 still isn't ready for public consumption, but is worth a peek for developers.

Here's what's new with Firefox 3, also known as Gran Paradiso 1.9 Alpha 5. As noted in Mozilla's release notes the following changes are evident in the latest crack at Firefox 3:

What's truly exciting about this alpha release is a feature called Places. As first seen in Firefox 2 Alpha 1, then temporarily tabled, Places returns in Firefox 3 Alpha 5--kind of. The functionality exists in this release for a new side panel that allows you to control your bookmarks, RSS subscriptions, and browser history in one convenient space. Places uses the open-source SQLite database giving it greater extensibility and the ability to backup and restore bookmarks, however, this also means it's incompatible with earlier Firefox bookmarks.

While all that's nice--I'd like to keep my bookmarks thank you. I'm sure this issue will be worked out.

  • Gran Paradiso now includes a new crash reporting system called Breakpad. The crash reports indicate that we're dealing with an alpha product. Worth a search or two for giggles.
  • New password manager.
  • Support for native controls and Growl notification for Mac OS X.
  • Bug fixes for Gecko 1.9.

What's missing in the latest take of Firefox is much mention of the social features that were surfaced in April.

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  • FireFox 3 taks shape.

    From what I've heard, that shape would be rather rotund and bloated. Hey, that's what even the OSS gurus are stating. <br>
    Also the presence of the sqlLite database is more than conspicuous, as Google gears is using it and FF has been funded and partially engineered by Google since version 1.5. I'm quite sure that was a googley good idea for Firefox. This is to be the premier off-line client for Google Apps you know. <br>
    ...there goes any lightweight, smaller footprint sex appeal FF ever had.
    • Shut up fool , I've had it with your negativity .

      Just because it's not a Billy Gates product does not mean it can't stack up , because it does an extremely well job when it goes up against Internet Explorer . You're just a jealous hater who can't stand to see other software programs doing better than what Microsoft has to offer . If you haven't noticed , Microsoft is still lagging in features & to make matters worse , Microsoft is still copying from the best . I would choose Firefox any day over what Microsoft has to offer , even if Microsoft began to support Mac OS X again . Camino anyone ?
      • From you....

        that is a compliment. Make sense? Well maybe not to you, but that's neither here nor there in the world of reality.
    • Bloated, ???

      I think that's your head ...

      At 214K TOTAL, SQLite is simply, small.

      I just finished a Install of MS-SQL express for a project i will be working on (On A Windows Machine) and IT COMPLAINED that I had to have at LEAST 1GB of ram .....
      • This is for you and Intelhense <br>
        Note even the linux gang agrees. So you see Linux_4u, i was talking about Firefox 3.0, not SQLlite. <br>
        But while on that subject, you want to tell me how I loaded SQL EXPRESS 2005 on my Toshiba with 512MB of RAM w/o a problem? I must have done something wrong. Think I should reinstall in case the install just forgot to tell me it needs a Gig to run? sheesh. And it runs just fine. In fact I have SQL 2000 ENTERPRISE/DEVELOPER, SQL 2005 EXPRESS, visual studio .NET 2003, Visual Studio 2005 Professional, IIS, ASP.NET worker process etc. etc. running on my machine all the time w/o a problem. Quick as can be. Sorry, you must have done something wrong. Perhaps you accidently tried to install the full sql 2005 engine on your PC.
        • Nope ...

          Not even close .. Virgin XP Pro System, With the SQL Express SP 2 ... check ur Message LOG, you'll see where it "Does not Minimum" recommend hardware specs ...
          • I have no clue

            what you are talking about. <br>
            first, did you check the link? FF is bloated. <br>
            Secondly, what message log are you talking about and what are you saying? I run it FINE. No problem. Not slow. I have written a bunch of .NET windows apps and ASP.NET apps under visual studio 2005 and they run fine and very fast with sql2005 Express. <br>
            Did you mean the event logs btw?
  • firefox 3

    sounds great to me.
    • After all, what are we talking about?

      My sentiments, exactly. If it's still in alpha, there's lots left to find out about.