Firefox users still waiting for Flash crash fix

Firefox users still waiting for Flash crash fix

Summary: It's been more than week since the latest release, and there is still no fix for a Flash-crashing bug in Firefox that affects Windows Vista and 7 users.


Adobe has yet to issue a fix for its Flash plugin --- more than a week after it was first released --- after users complained that the software continually crashed in the latest Firefox browser.

Adobe's latest Flash version --- also released on June 8 --- appears to be incompatible with the browser when running on Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines. At least on the bright side, when Flash crashes the browser doesn't crumble, so the chance of a data loss in non-Flash applications is minimal.

Naturally many are frustrated, but it's likely many won't mind the fact that Flash-based ads won't load.

Mozilla said it was "working closely" with Adobe to "diagnose and address these issues," a company statement said.

Unlike Chrome, which has the popular Web plugin installed by default, Firefox users have to install Flash manually. Mozilla's support pages offers some suggestions but the best option is to simply downgrade your Flash version to one that works.

Considering many in the enterprise are still holding on to Internet Explorer 6 for dear life thanks to the poor compatibility of legacy business applications with modern browsers, it seems only consumers are taking the brunt of the problem. Also, last year's Mozilla's "drop dead" message to the enterprise put many corporate users off the browser.

This week, Mozilla was rumoured to be developing 'Firefox for iPad' as it attempts to take on the Safari monopoly on the shiny rectangle. The browser maker said 'Junior' is in "an early-stage experimental project," and is "not confirmed for development by Mozilla".

The obvious fix for YouTube users is to switch on HTML5, which will allow YouTube videos to load without the need for Flash. For the rest of the Web, however, you're pretty much on your own until Adobe releases a fix.

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  • Latest Firefox and latest flash and no problems here

    Is this just affecting some users or am I special?
    x I'm tc
    • Chrome not fixed

      The big flash player fix for Chrome lasted about a week and a back to the same old story.
  • Someone found the fix! Adobe is trying

    to make Flash more secure, but it broke something this time around. Works for me!
    Tony Burzio
  • Latest Flash

    I don't seem to be having the problem referred to in this article. I have Flash version
    11.3.300.257 for both IE9 and Firefox. It would help in these articles if they would actually quote the version with the problem. Whatever this problem is, I have not had any adverse affects from it.
  • Getting Latest version of Flash.

    I have Secunia PSI version 2 installed, and if a later version of any software is available, it alerts me that I have a program or process that is outdated. I have used this program for quite a while, and it always keeps me up to date. It will download and install updates if that is feasible.
  • No-event flash crashes

    With both Firefox and flash set to automaticaly update themselves.

    While I had several flash crashes lately, they where ALL when exiting a page or reloading a page. That means when the flash plugin needed to STOP.
    The only thing I see is a useless popup telling me that flash stopped working, when it was SUPOSED to effectively stop working.

    As, in Firefox, plugins run in a separate dedicated process, a crashing plugin just can't bring the browser down. It just the plugincontainer process that crashes and will get restarted if needed.
  • No crashes for me

    I have run Firefox as my daily browse keep it updated as well as flash and I go to many flash sites and design in flash no crashes for me although I do get the image once in awhile on android browsers but only at
  • Causes no sound on playback for me in IE9 / FF 12 / 13

    As soon as I installed Flash 11.3.300.257 on Vista Business 32-bit, both IE9 & FF 12 (and then 13 when I updated to that) wouldn't playback sound from any Flash animation, regardless of the website. I found the same happened on a client's XP 32-bit PC as well. The only solution I found that worked was to go back to the latest version of Flash 11.2 - no problems.

    Interestingly, the first time I launched FF after installing 11.3.300.257, playback was fine, but then Flash crashed. After restarting FF & going back to the same page, I got video but no sound. I rebooted the PC & tried again, still no sound. I BINGed the problem - thinking it was a FF problem - and tried a few fixes that I found: no joy. The no-sound problem was only fixed by going back to 11.2. Note that this problem is NOT confined to FF for me on Vista - exactly the same problem on IE9 (and also IE8 on XP).

    Thanks Adobe - your usual craftsmanship with your plugins shining through again... :-/
  • Not me

    Firefox 13.0.1
    Flash 11,3,300,257
    Win7 64bit Home Premium all the latest updates.
    Worky good.
    • Me either

      Same exact configuration here. When I saw this article, my first thought was, "What Flash crashes?".

      One item I should point out is that I use NoScript, so I am not running Flash unnecessarily (i.e., for ads from third party sites).
    • You velly lucky

      Don't get to complacent. Failure on the horizon.
  • It's prolly hardware specific

    It's prolly one of those things that have to do with certain video cards/motherboards or something. I've had it work perfectly on one machine with a video card. Then when I took the card out, it started crashing every once in a while. I suppose the "solution" is to get another video card so it doesn't use the motherboard one?

    It can happen to any browser, but in this case perhaps it happens more to Firefox because Mozilla doesn't have the budget like Microsoft to test for tons of different brands of hardware to work out bugs. Just like in the past, I've found "missing items" in FF. It's usually something that is not that noticeable but sometimes it's important page information. The reason why I know it's supposed to be there is because I use IE at home and FF at other places and I remember something's "not right". Otherwise, someone who doesn't use both browsers would never know something is missing or displayed incorrectly.
  • Mozilla Firefox a problem lately

    I have had problems with the last 2-3 Firefox releases, but able to overcome them. Prior to those failures I never had any problems on XP or Vista. Adobe has always been a beast to work with, particularly a few years ago. In the last year or 2 Adobe has been more reliable doing updates, until this issue. I am using IE 8 or 9 instead most of the time, or Chrome. Firefox being relegated to my third choice.
  • Not on my systems

    I have Flash running in Firefox on Windows 7 right now and it runs just fine. I am thinking that this is not an issue with Flash, but an issue with certain sites and the way that they use Flash.
  • A Flash in the pan

    I would think that enterprise--or anyone in business--would be worried about problems with flash since flash only exists as a means to "protect" business interests. If consumers weren't such sheep, flash wouldn't even exist today.
  • Flash Issue Fixes

    There are several available fixes as of June 23 in addition to what the article notes.
    See the article at: :

    "Starting with Flash Player 11.3, a protected mode was added as a new security enhancement for Firefox 4.0 and greater on Windows Vista and higher. This security enhancement is designed to limit the impact of attacks launched from malicious Flash content (SWF files). For additional details on this feature, please see Inside Flash Player Protected Mode for Firefox

    "Problem: Flash content does not appear, YouTube display errors such as "An error occurred. Please try again later.", or Flash video will not function properly.

    "Solution: If RealPlayer is installed on your system, please disable the RealPlayer Browser Record plug-in.

    Launch RealPlayer
    Click the RealPlayer icon in the upper left corner of the window and choose Preferences.
    Choose Download & Recording from the left hand panel
    Uncheck "Enable Web Download & Recording for these installed browsers"
    Click OK and close RealPlayer
    Restart Firefox
    THIS WORKED for me.

    "Finally, if these problems are blocking you from using Flash Player we recommend, as a last resort, you either revert back to Flash Player 11.2 or temporarily disable Protected Mode. We strongly recommend that Protected Mode is manually enabled once this issue is resolved.

    "To revert to a previous version of Flash Player, please see this FAQ: How do I revert to a previous version of Flash Player? --- Read this carefully because you will have to download a free utility to uninstall your version of Flash Player before you install an older version.

    "To disable Protected Mode, add the following line to your mms.cfg file located in:
    Windows 32bit: C:\windows\system32\macromed\flash
    Windows 64bit: C:\windows\syswow64\macromed\flash
    "If the mms.cfg file does not exist, create one using any standard text editor (e.g.. notepad)
    "Depending on your operating system, you might need to first save the mms.cfg file to a writable location (such as your documents or desktop folder) and then copy the file into the destination folder using Windows Explorer.
    "To re-enable Protected Mode, simply remove the line from the mms.cfg file."
  • Intermittent

    MY problem appears (so far) only when i am watching a program on line. The program video plays just fine but when it tries to play a commercial, thats when it crashes. I have had to revert to IE to watch my tv programs on line. very frustrating.
  • Flash player crashing - problem solved

    I have had constant problems with Flash Player for the past couple of years using IE and Firefox - so today I downloaded Google Chrome (I had refused to use it before today because it was always being 'forced' on me when I downloaded other things)

    I have just had one hour free of Flash Player crashes so it if continues like this then I will be a convert of Google Chrome!