For classroom laptops, a locker that teachers can love

For classroom laptops, a locker that teachers can love

Summary: Ergotron's new PowerShuttle laptop charging carts secure, recharge and update classroom laptops when school is not in session.


Teachers, rejoice: there's an easier way to recharge your students' classroom laptops.

Ergotron's new PowerShuttle laptop charging carts are a novel way for instructors or school IT managers to lock down and charge up laptops after the school bell has finished ringing for the day -- no power cords, no hunt for outlets.

The carts address four primary issues: device storage, content updates, battery recharging and mobility. You can pack 20 devices inside, and the cart will optimize charging so you don't overload electrical circuits.

It's certainly built for the classroom. There's steel throughout, a fire-rated ABS exterior, double-hinged locking doors and locking medical-grade, dual-wheel casters give it a look that says, "Darth Vader's personal locker."

Ergotron offers a teacher-targeted charging model or a more robust, IT-focused managed model that supports WAP and 1U Ethernet. The company says the carts can handle most any format of device or AC adapter you can throw at it.

"Load-sensing technology means that instructors can have confidence that the devices will be ready for use when they are needed," said Sheila Veschusio, Ergotron's education industry head. "Laptops can be incorporated into the morning lesson plan, collected and charged over the lunch period and then re-distributed for use in the afternoon."

They'll be available beginning later this month.

Topics: Laptops, Hardware, Mobility

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  • How does one lock up the locker?

    If I were a thief intent on stealing school laptop property, I would certainly thank the school administrator for putting all his eggs in one basket. BTW, my comment was only being half facetious. The fact that the security locker is on wheels would make it very easy to roll out the school door. That is, if I were a thief. Grin.
    • A/V Closets

      Nothing new here. They roll this cart in with all of the portable A/V carts.
      Your Non Advocate
    • Chain it to the wall

      in a locked room would probally work.
      William Farrel
  • thanks zdnet

    new asus series.