Free Wi-Fi could boost Ultrabooks in business laptop market

Free Wi-Fi could boost Ultrabooks in business laptop market

Summary: Intel could one-up Apple in the business laptop market thanks to free Wi-Fi on Ultrabooks and tablets.

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Anyone who travels frequently, whether it be for business or pleasure, knows the indescribable value of free Wi-Fi connectivity while on the road.

To have that capability built in from the get-go without any entanglements at airports and whatnot would be even more glorious. Just the idea of having free, automatic Wi-Fi on a global basis sounds almost too good to be true -- but it might just be the case for some Ultrabook users.

Intel has inked a deal with Devicescape, as reported by GigaOm, which entails that Intel Ultrabooks and tablets can be built to support access to Devicescape's connection manager technology.

Thus, when a user walks into a location with a Devicescape-powered Wi-Fi hotspot, the supported Ultrabook or tablet will automatically connect to the network for free like it would a user's home network.

Although Ultrabook users won't have complete and universal free Wi-Fi, but they will have access millions of Devicescape's open Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide. Of course, another catch is that Ultrabook OEM partners will need to catch on and integrate Devicescape technology.

But the extra connectivity option on an Ultrabook is considerably more appealing -- especially for business travelers who need reliable and automatic Wi-Fi as much as possible -- when trying to decide between one of these machines and something comparable such as a MacBook Air.

Thus, if lower prices and more design options can't convince consumers to opt for an Ultrabook, maybe free Wi-Fi could be the ticket.


Topic: Tablets

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  • So, why wouldn't Apple devices be able to use it?

    So, why wouldn't Apple devices be able to use it?

    This smells fishy. There's no technical reason to lock anybody out of a WiFi connection, no matter what the device type. My sleazeball meter is off the charts with this one.
    • sleazeball meter?

      There really is nothing new here. Devicescape culls open wi-fi connections world wide and provides this information for a fee. It looks like they are entering a strategic partnership with Intel and the Ultrabook product line.

      Although Apple does not have any "ultrabooks", Apple could just as easily ink a deal directly with Devicescape.
      Your Non Advocate
      • Say What?

        The Mac Air is the original ultra-book!
    • Apple decision making process...

      is no less fishy (Flash, Java, Apple Store eligibility, etc...), but yet they make decisions that affect their users (or possible users). I think Intel and this company are allowed to do what they want to do.
  • No, it's true!

    [ul][i]Just the idea of having free, automatic Wi-Fi on a global basis sounds almost too good to be true[/i][/ul]Yeah, and you know what they say about things that sound too good to be true. If this gets pitched as a way to eliminate having to diddle with WiFi connect screens, customers will be happy with it. If they leave Best Buy thinking they've bought a laptop with free WiFi everywhere they go, they'll think they got screwed Real Quick.
    Robert Hahn
  • My Wi-Fi looks up by name

    If you wanted a "universal" connection all they have to do is give the hot spots the same name and connections would just sync up.

    Seriously does anyone now consider having ti link to a free hot spot a bother? Even my tablet notifies me of new hot spots. This isn't much to me.
  • oh thank god

    finaly some one got a clue wifi for free .nice how long do you think befor some one starts screaming that they cant do that it's unfair to other companys.gee what would happen if thier new win 8 tablets get free wifi too.then apple will scream that it is unfrair to them and others.but this is some thing that needed to be done for a long time .just so much wireless broadband out there to be used.
  • In the not to distant future ...

    .. free wi-fi for all will be common place in westernized countries.
    Scarface Claw
  • That's no what portable devices are all about...

    Small portable devices with graphics screens are the result of Sarbanes-Oxley. Sarbanes-Oxley made it a requirement to log e-mail and other connections. Well, it only took a while to start spying on your employees over company connections or blocking sites. In response, people started buying Pads with cell data connections to get around the spying.

    Oddly enough, this is the same reason cell phones caught on, when PBX systems were advanced enough to log employee phone calls.

    Therefore, free WiFi does not fix the problem at work, so it won't have a significant change in how people use the net.
    Tony Burzio
  • South Africa?

    Unless Intel and there partners are expanding this service to South Africa (Rapidly!), I would rather save myself, and all my customers, $100 dollars or more by providing them with AMD equivalent technology. (That final "." translates as "Full Stop")
  • Devicescape?

    As if the average user even knows who Devicescape is? I may even have used them, but why would I remember the name?

    You should have given a few "for instances" of where a Devicescape Hotspot is located.