Gates & Seinfeld's next commercial: Better. With funny parts.

Gates & Seinfeld's next commercial: Better. With funny parts.

Summary: updated: The commercial is on YouTube now. It's embedded below.


updated: The commercial is on YouTube now. It's embedded below.

The second Microsoft commercial featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld is out (being broadcast tonight during Big Brother on CBS) and at least this time, there were some funny scenes. And there was clearly a message this time. Gates and Seinfeld are "out of it" and need to connect with real people - which is why they move in with "a real family." (The grandma steals the show with her hilarious off-the-cuff remarks.) Now, it kind's kind of starting to make sense. Windows needs to think about how to adapt to the needs of real people. (I love the scene where Gates reads a bedtime story.)

This commercials airs a week after the first one debuted during the first NFL game. You'll recall that the first commercial - which wasn't so much about computers, Windows or even the rivalry with Apple - was an awkward interaction between Gates and Seinfeld in a discount shoe store. The reviews were not very good - but Microsoft noted that it was only the first in a $300 million ad campaign.

I'm still not a huge fan of the Gates-Seinfeld interaction in these commercials but this one was much better. And seeing Gates imitate a robot is much better than watching him adjust his shorts.

As soon as I can get some embed code to post the commercial, I will. In the meantime, here's a link to it on the Microsoft site. Below is my own video reacting to the first commercial.

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  • 4:30?

    Gawd. Does anyone watch a TV show uninterrupted
    for 4 minutes and 30 seconds? Is this really a 4:30
    commercial? And if this is the pace at which we get
    to find out what's so new and great about Vista, let's
    all re-emerge from our caves in 2011. Nice take,
    Sam. Jerry, Bill, nice acting. Marketeers: What are you
    thinking? TST
    Tom Steinert-Threlkeld
    • Re: Marketeers: What are you thinking?

      Exactly!! Keeping peoples attention nowadays for that long would be a miracle.

      Guess they forgot rule #1:
      Arm A. Geddon
    • My feelings exactly....

      I got to 2:54 and, not having seen anything that could justify me even watching that long, chose to end my own misery by clicking the pause button. Seems to me, Apple gets all their digs & yuks taken care of in about 90 seconds or less. Here I wasted three minutes and got nothing.
    • Shorter versions on TV

      I have seen this air twice now (missed the Big Brother showing), and it was in condensed version. Unfortunately some of the best parts I think were edited out.
  • RE: Gates & Seinfeld

    Hey guys, lighten up!
    What's not to like about the 2 ads?
    If MS can't poke a bit of fun at itself, it's not being real. When organisations take themselves too seriously then they are on the slippery slope to demise.
    Apples ads have a sense of ridiculous and an element of fun.
    These MS ads have the same underlying characteristics. Ad campaigns are exactly that; campaigns so don???t be so hasty to can them just yet.
    And enjoy the humour.
    • Re: What's not to like about the 2 ads?

      Guess you weren't here(ZDNet) to read the comments about the first commercial.
      Arm A. Geddon
    • I'll tell you what....

      [i]don't be so hasty to can them just yet.
      And enjoy the humour.[/i]

      I'll tell you what....when I see some humor, I'll enjoy it.
    • ....

      If you call that humorous... wow! They really need to take lessons from Apple on humor. ]:)
      Linux User 147560
      • And Humour is...

        ...Cheap inaccurate attacks on competitors and lying to consumers on national television?? Oh ok, Apple ads are funny!
        • Apple's commercials are funny...:P

          You call it lying another Vista user might call it right on. I've
          seen plenty of them post complaints about the product on
          this very sight. You might not have problems with said OS
          but that does not mean others have not had nor continue to
          have. Ao it's all in the eye of the beholder.

          Pagan jim
          James Quinn
    • dim witted

      The ads seem dim witted. What is the purpose, to burn money for ego? What do the MS stockholders think of the ad?
  • Boring!!

    I am not amused. :-( Like I said over at Mary-Jos blog, "bring out the talking Coke tongues!!"
    Arm A. Geddon
    • Yes we know.

      You've said it three times in this topic already too.
      Sleeper Service
      • If you're not careful I'll say it a few more. [nt]

        Arm A. Geddon
  • Negative sentiment override

    I agree with Pheck. People are so used to criticizing Microsoft
    that when they actually try to redo their image and connect
    with their users people just completely ignore their intent. Its
    as if whatever they did in a commercial people would hate it
    just because of the negative sentiment override.
    The ad is ok, the intent very positive. Corporate America has
    to connect with Human America.
    • But 4 1/2 minutes?????

    • Positive sentiment override

      That's faint praise. What commercial campaign doesn't have
      "very positive intent"? Does it have the intended effect? It's at
      least as muddled as the first one: if Gates is "out of it", how
      is he going to connect people? If they had (easily) cut out at
      least a minute (like the whole $1800 thing) it might at least
      have gotten a chuckle, but this was glacial.
      Yes, they're trying to redo their image and it's way too late.
      • ....

        Glacial like Microsoft's reaction time! LOL, well that would explain why the commercials are so slow and unfunny. ]:)
        Linux User 147560
        • Hmm slow and unfunny..

          ...Like Linux!
          • Let me correct that for you.

            Slow and steady wins the Linux. That's better. :-)
            Arm A. Geddon