Gates introduces Microsoft bet on 'live software'

Gates introduces Microsoft bet on 'live software'

Summary: In opening the event today, Bill Gates said that every five years Microsoft looks at its strategy and makes big bets--1990 was Windows, the Web in 1995 and Web Services .Net in 2000.

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In opening the event today, Bill Gates said that every five years Microsoft looks at its strategy and makes big bets--1990 was Windows, the Web in 1995 and Web Services .Net in 2000. The next big bet, Gates said, is delivering a new type of software experience, called "live software."  It's about connecting users at the center, with relationships with people, data people care about, applications and all devices coming together to do things for you, Gates said. It's a way to think through the user experience, a fusion of software and services, with capabilities across the Internet, enabled by the broadband, wireless, low cost storage, a multitude of devices, the march of Moore's Law.  Sounds like a bit of Web 2.0 mixed with Microsoft's live naming theme--Live Meeting, XBox Live. Services = Software, in a broad way, from hosted services like email and CRM to MSN and mapping mash-ups.


Gates gave examples of how Microsoft has been on the live services path for years, but the examples were more incidental except for MSN. "Everything we have done on MSN fits the live software model,"  Gates said. Live software also extends to managed services for enterprises, with Microsoft running SharePoint or Exchange for customers. Small business software connecting to ADP payroll service, for example. More to come... 

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • AS I said

    SnarePoint is the next big noose for people to put on. Web services have traditionally been available through browsers - i.e. non-platform specific. I doubt that SnarePoint will do anything close to that with M$ "Live". It will consist of many .NET add-ons connecting to .NET servers. I doubt that consumers today will fall for this rubbish.
    Roger Ramjet
  • They won't give us true web services. Everything will depend on Windows

    and/or MS Office. They will make sure every service they offer keeps you locked into the traditional software model in one way or another. Without that, the whole house of cards comes crashing down.

    "Live Software" is just a nice way to say that with MS Web services, you won't be able to ditch Windows or Office. Microsoft can keep their hand in your pocket.
  • Dead Software, dying company!

    Well the demo crashed, it doesn't work with anything other than IE (no suprise) although the beta certainly did - so why not Sadly I think this me-too (Web 2.0, Salesforce) strategy is possibly too little too late. Scoble on his blog described 12 reasons why people use Opensource software and not Microsoft.

    Is live software supposed to be the reason why people will start to switch from the LAMP stack? Let's hope Live Office, Live CRM, Live Great Plains work better? What I really want to know is how much? The devil is in the detail!
  • Noone wants "live" software !?!

    So I wake up the next day, and MS has changed my software?!? NO THANKS!!! Other than virus scanner updates and such, I think people will always want to be able to choose when upgrades occur. The real reason for "live" software is that MS wants to have COMPLETE control of your life. Hey Bill, WAKE UP, people want more control of their OS, NOT LESS!!! Windows Live will only bring Linux that much faster to the community.
    xunil skcor