Gates sketches out Windows and Office Live

Gates sketches out Windows and Office Live

Summary: Gates showed off two new cloud-based part of its overall architecture: Windows Live and Office Live.

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Gates showed off two new cloud-based part of its overall architecture: Windows Live and Office Live. He characterized the two new platforms as follows:

Windows Live

  • Internet-based personal services
  • Centered on individuals
  • Communications, information, protection
  • Separate from Windows
  • MSN continues as programmed content portal
  • Primarily ad-supported



Video clip: Gates announces Live



Office Live

  • Online presence, business automation, collaboration
  • Initial target is small business
  • Seamless integration with Office, but can work independently
  • Extensible platform
  • Multiple subscription and ad-offerings

Gates also listed the the principles of live software as follows:

  • Software plus service
  • Server = services
  • Support multiple PCs and devices
  • Multiple styles of client
  • Combination of client software, peer-to-peer and Internet services

Nothing much new. Those of us at the event are still waiting to see the demos of Live Windows and Office. At this point it appears Gates is pivoting Microsoft into the 21st century Internet by explaining how Microsoft will leverage its current platforms and add more of what MSN has and open APIs to expand the ecosystem of what developers can do on the Web or on top of Office and Windows...and sell more Web-based advertising with its new adCenter platform. Basically, Gates and company have recognized the economic power of what Google, Yahoo, and even AOL have done. Within the next ten years, I predict, MSN will be at the center of Microsoft and generate most of the revenue.

Topic: Microsoft

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  • ms market cap $240bn google $100bn

    The speed with which google has gotten to where it is is staggering. Look at the technical coolness of Google Earth and Picassa, and it's hard to see how you can confidently predict MS at the centre in the future. There is very tough competition.