Getting the premium you deserve


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  • This is a severe violation of one's privacy

    I have no problem enforcing good driving or stricter driving standards like they do in Germany, but letting the insurance companies do this is opening the Pandora's Box. What next, make people wear diagnostic instruments that check their health to see who pays more for health insurance? The purpose of insurance is to normalize risk for the masses. There are much bigger problems such as frivolous lawsuits. Driving 75 mph doesn?t mean you?re not a safe driver if the weather conditions are good and a safe tailing distance is maintained. Driving 55 in very bad weather or when tail gating with one car length would be extremely dangerous. An instrument can?t tell what a good driver is.
  • RE: Getting the premium you deserve

    Maybe we should be looking into this. Not for behaviorial issues, but for miles driven. I sell daily insurance for Mexico here: <a target="_new" href="">Mexican Auto Insurance</a>. We could use this information because on annual Tourist policies, the insured is required to stay in Mexico no longer than 182 days in a row. This information would confirm their re-entry into the US, but I agree with George, I believe its a real intrusion. Any actuary can come up with the proper rate for a large pool of business regardless of the occassional mis-quoted or unsafe driver.

    Big Brother stay away!