Google acquires Apture to boost Chrome team

Google acquires Apture to boost Chrome team

Summary: Chrome will be getting some new features as well as some new team members with the acquisition of in-page search startup Apture.


Google's latest purchase is Apture, a startup that focuses on providing instant access to information with in-page search technology.

Also self-defined as a "glossary for the web," Apture's features include boosting 2D websites into enhanced multimedia experiences in which readers better find related information as the text literally jumps off the page. This contextual search function was designed to increase revenue opportunities for publishers, including such customers as The New York Times and The Financial Times.

For example, you might have noticed some of this technology when reading The NYT's website, and you might have double-clicked and/or highlighted a word, which then brings up a definition or query.

The beneficiary of the purchase will be Chrome, so we can possibly expect to see some major changes related to this technology in the coming months.

Financial details of the merger as well as an expected date on when the deal will close have not been revealed yet, but there was a note posted on the front door of Apture. Here's an excerpt:

After enhancing more than a billion pages with our products, we think now is the best time to expand our efforts with another team just down the road that shares our vision of making the web better. :) That's right -- we've been acquired by Google and will be joining the Chrome team to continue driving innovation and creating a better user experience on the web. The modern web is an amazing platform, so stay tuned for even more enhancements to your Chrome browsing experience.

As the memo states, Apture's staff will be joining the Chrome team, but it still isn't clear whether or not the group will stay put at Apture's San Francisco office or move down to the Mountain View headquarters.


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  • RE: Google acquires Apture to boost Chrome team

    Interesting development; I'm surprised the Adsense team didn't move in before Chrome, however!
  • RE: Google acquires Apture to boost Chrome team

    Sounds like Apture is just IE8's accelerators feature with a different UI...
  • RE: Google acquires Apture to boost Chrome team

    Well, now Apture is sequestered into Chrome. Great. Now no one else will be able to use it for websites, right? It was a great application that above all should have been in constant use by teachers for online courses. It's like the people of Push, Pop, Press who developed a presentation system which they put into "Our Choice" for Al Gore and then sold out to Facebook ne'er to be heard from again. What a shame that no one else will be able to take advantage of it. I can not imagine how Facebook is going to use it other than getting into the eBook publishing business. I can't see it adding to the everyday content of FB. Aargh.
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