Google acquires Picnik, boosts its cloud offering for photos

Google acquires Picnik, boosts its cloud offering for photos

Summary: Google acquires Picnik, a startup that focuses on Web-based photo editing tools.

TOPICS: Mobility, Google

Google, which already dabbles in the photo software business with Picasa, today announced its acquisition of Picnik, a Seattle-based startup in the Web-based photo-editing space.

The software, which is free and doesn't even require registration, uses Web tools that will nicely integrate with Picasa, assuming that's what will happen. For now, Picasa's browser-based editing tools are very basic, with more of an offering on Google's client version of the software.

As Google builds its cloud portfolio of services and offerings, it only makes sense that it would bring in a company like Picnik to enhance Picasa and offer better integration with photo-hosting sites, including Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, Photobucket and, of course, Picasa for the Web. But what does all of this mean for Picnik? They say it best in a blog post:

It means we can think BIG. Google processes petabytes of data every day, and with their worldwide infrastructure and world-class team, it is truly the best home we could have found. Under the Google roof we’ll reach more people than ever before, impacting more lives and making more photos more awesome.

Google, in its own post, and Picnik both said users won't see any big changes right away. Picnik is still open to new users and nothing happens to the accounts of existing customers.

Topics: Mobility, Google

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  • A good way to get good employees, and get to market fast.

    They will have full (as full as possible) on line
    foto editing incorporated very soon!

    But, even more, any place you can upload pictures,
    they can add foto editing in place. This includes
    Google docs for instance, where you can incorporate
    photos in a word processing document or

    Pretty smart for Google.
  • Wow! Another win for Flash?

    Now Google must stop their ambush against Flash. After Youtube, this is another big acquistion that is built on Adobe's Flash technology.

    And for everybody else, remember what is current worth of Zynga (Farmville, etc.): $3 billion. Against all odds Flash has always proven itself to be a successful platform for start ups and large businesses. Contrast that with Google Wave based on HTML5. It must be worth around $0.0003billion. I am not saying HTML5 is bad and I am NOT against it. I love HTML5 too, but I understand that I can't use HTML5 in public projects for another 3 years. Flash is the way to go!
    • Flash is the way to go! Not!!!

      And this is actually a sad thing because Flash isn't all that stable. It constantly leaks memory and hangs browsers to the point where I have it disabled on my computers.

      I'd rather have stable web-browsing than use Flash to watch videos and let adverts run haphazardly (and track my every move with Flash's super cookie technology).

      Read more about Flash Super Cookies here:
  • Cant beat them, buy them

    Is Google the new Microsoft ? What did people used to say, if you can't beat them, buy them ?
    • Why innovate when you don't have to?

      If an application or a service already exists, why re-invent it when you can just acquire it at a reasonable or lower price than you developing it?
      • Apple vs. Jailbreakers

        Why pay people to innovate when you can force you customers to do it for you.
  • Another addition

    to Google's spyware portfolio.
  • RE: Google acquires Picnik, boosts its cloud offering for photos

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