Google forms energy subsidiary

Google forms energy subsidiary

Summary: Google has notified Federal regulators that it is forming an energy subsidiary that would buy and sell power on the wholesale market.


Google has notified Federal regulators that it is forming an energy subsidiary that would buy and sell power on the wholesale market.

The move, another step toward entering the energy business via Google Energy LLC, was spied by CNet News' Martin Lamonica. On Tuesday, a reference to Google Energy was in the Federal Register. You can find that reference in the Federal Register.

According to the Department of Energy, anyone wanting to protest Google's move should file a complaint with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission by Jan. 19.

LaMonica reports that Google's energy foray is really about being carbon neutral. The search giant isn't looking to be a utility, but didn't rule out the possibilities.

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  • How does that work?

    Can someone explain how this will make them carbon neutral? I hope they're not losing their focus as so many large companies do.
    • They probably will be building solar and wind facilities in locations that

      make the most sense, then selling that output on
      the wholesale market, while buying energy on the
      wholesale market in other places to power data
      centers and offices. In total, they could become
      carbon neutral. Pretty smart if you ask me.
      • Sure if you ignore

        the input energy, the backup power generation, etc

        Carbon neutral is a con, it's about trading in certificates. If Google are
        clever they can make plenty of money out of it without reducing their
        carbon footprint at all.
        Richard Flude
  • RE: Google forms energy subsidiary

    This will be another failed venture by Google. How many more times will they try to compete in an area they know nothing about? It wasn't bad enough for them to spy on your internet info now they want your power usage too. Maybe they will go old school and send you junk mail to your house.
    Loverock Davidson
    • That's not old school enough...

      ... their next venture is the resurrection of the Pony Express.
      • Old is the new New

        Energy utility isn't sexy, but it's a vital component of our infrastructure. People forget how crucial it is for economic prosperity, maybe because so many people take it for granted. China has invested gazillions in modern energy and will reap the rewards for decades to come. The US infrastructure is very outdated and fragile. Our reliance on fossil fuels is a detriment to our economy (think of how much $$$ we're spending fighting wars to ensure a supply of oil). Not to mention the pollutants spewing forth, not merely carbon dioxide but heavy metals and radioactive material. Bet you didn't know that coal fired power plants release more radioactive material than all the waste generated by nuclear power plants in the US.
  • This is all about

    Making money off the cap and trade scam that your friendly fascist
    government is going to shove down your throat.
  • CES power failure

    The power failure at CES on Wednesday was their doing.
  • I can see it now.

    Google. Saves 100,000,000 tons of CO2 by having users
    shop on-line. 100,000,000 CO2 credits for sale.

    UPS/FedEx/DHL. Needs to buy 100,000,000 tons of CO2
    credits due to increased deliveries.
  • Really, a very smart move. I can imagine that Google will be building solar

    and wind facilities around the world, and using that
    production to offset the use at data centers and offices.
    Pretty smart for public relations, and also will save
    them money in the long run.
  • Enron II (nt) ;-)

  • RE: Google forms energy subsidiary

    Isn't one Enron disaster enough?
  • Internet through powerlines

    OK people listen up. The technology is getting better. Also I've seen beta electric meters of home that can be monitored remotely so you can check kilowatt usage. Imagine internet just being ran through power lines of homes. Estimated speeds would be 6mbs down and 1 upload. Not great but manageable
    Le Br?