Google launches Street View; Be wary

Google launches Street View; Be wary

Summary: If Google's Street View is so great, why am I wary. Oh yeah, it must be the FOG (the fear of Google Robert Scoble talks about).

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If Google's Street View is so great, why am I wary. Oh yeah, it must be the FOG (the fear of Google Robert Scoble talks about).

Hey, I'm happy to have street views until it zooms in on my house (I checked, but it doesn't yet). It does get within a block or two of the CNET offices in New York.


So why am I less than enthusiastic about Street View. It's just one more thing that gives me that Google Big Brother feeling. Now I know Google says it isn't evil, but let's connect a few dots.

  • Google buys DoubleClick and a cookie archive second to none. It could come damn close to identifying me through click prints.
  • Google has my credit card info via Google Checkout.
  • Google has a few gigabytes of my emails and can serve ads with increasing precision.
  • Google will see those handy spreadsheets I may create on Google Apps. Maybe it can see a memo or two.
  • Sergei Brin's new wife is taking care of my genetic data.

And now Google does Street View to rave reviews (see Techmeme). Nervous yet? Nah why bother. Google is easy. So easy you'll fork over data and trust them. By time anyone really gets worried it'll be too late.

Guess I should clean up those weeds in my front yard--Google may be shooting soon.

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  • you could always move to a place like Tampa

    Google Maps doesn't have us yet...but Zillow does.

    Of course, we could drown these nosy folks with too much data like Hasan TV below -)
  • Don't put all your eggs in one basket

    I used Google Earth before it was Google Earth because I like maps and geography. I occasionally use Google for searches, but that's it. I clean out my cookies regularly, I don't buy anything through them, and I sure don't use their desktop tools. There is no law that says you have to use Google.

    By the way, I live in a suburb of a medium-sized city in the south. Google has excellent close-up, oblique-angle (3D?) shots of my home and neighborhood.

    I doubt any criminals who might threaten my home even know how to use Google Maps or Google Earth.
  • Scoble: "FOG" is now "DOG"

    It is completely baffling to me why so many people are willing to trust Google. Scoble is saying FOG is changing to DOG - distrust or distain of Google. I got there awhile ago.

    Be wary, be very wary.
  • block doubleclick

    It's a simple matter to block doubleclick altogether. I've been doing it for years. They can't cookie what they can't access.
    Dr. John
  • FOG/DOG?

    Hmm. Has anyone been to Microsoft's and seen the photographic images that are available of locations, and have been for over a year? "What's that red dot" in the satellite image becomes "Hey, that's an old VW Bug in the driveway" with the recon shots. They must have paid $$ to get all that aerial photography -- on clear days in the areas where not all days are clear. MS doesn't spend money where it doesn't think it will get a return on it.