Google rejection notice ??

Google rejection notice ??

Summary: This is the first time I have seen this...I was just heading for the Google home page and received this 403 page:  When I typed in a query into the toolbar, no problem.

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This is the first time I have seen this...I was just heading for the Google home page and received this 403 page:



When I typed in a query into the toolbar, no problem. What's up? 

Update: Definitely not a real Google logo above--hijacking in progress...


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  • ASAP

    If you are using Windows, run a virus scan on your PC immediately!

    D T Schmitz
  • That's not a Google page

    That's not a Google 403 page. The dead giveaway is the Google logo. You web browser has been hijacked obviously to sell you (bogus) virus and spyware applications. You need to run the full suite of secuity applications on that system to clean up this and whatever other problems you have.
    • not true

      not true, that's a real page and i'm having the same thing happen, and I'm virus and spyware free. The URL it's coming from is

      This just started happening for me today...
    • Could indeed be a Google page

      Why is that Google logo a dead giveaway? That's an older Google logo that I've seen on a number of Google error pages. Also, Google does promote certain security software with its Google Pack, so those links may be pointing to such software.
  • Google Rejection Notice - might be real

    I ran into this just today as well, and the URL listed is:

    There are two hyperlinks on the error page, one to a virus checker at and anotherto a spyware checker at Note that I didn't follow either of those links...
  • I got the same

    I got the same notice. The last thing I did before I got the notice was install the new windows patches. It would be really funny if the spyware google is complaining about is microsoft. I ran Symantec, Spybot and Ad-aware and I still get the message.
  • re: Google regection notice

    The big question is will Google explain what happened? This caused a stir here at work for a short time as everyone with their browser's homepage set to a personalized Google hompepage received this notice.
  • Not a fake page

    It happened to me as well - on both my PC and my Mac. I don't believe it's a fake page; I've seen that logo on my Google error pages. Type in and you'll see the same logo.

    Don't know what happened with Google, but I don't think you need to worry about being hijacked.
  • Google rejection notice

    Its a real page, Google was not hijacked or anything like it. They just had an exteremely large load of traffic around 1pm EST yesterday. This was due to the final day of their Da Vinci Quest and thousands of users hitting the refresh button repeatendly waiting for the new puzzle to load.

    I received the same error. Basically with all the page refreshes Google thought it was a bunch of bots trying to hit its site.
    Loverock Davidson
  • Google Censorship

    Make an unapproved search and get disconnected and then confirm your identity for future corrective measures. New tools that have slipped out accidently?