Google reneges on Gmail App for BlackBerry support

Google reneges on Gmail App for BlackBerry support

Summary: One new Gmail app arrived last week for iOS. Another for BlackBerry will get its wings and fly far, far away.


Here's just one more tiny tidbit to add to the long list of reasons why the BlackBerry brand (and therefore, Research In Motion) might be doomed.

Starting on November 22, Google will no longer provide end user support for the installed and native Gmail App for Blackberry. Furthermore, the app will no longer be available to download after that date. BlackBerry users would be able to continue to access Gmail via the mobile page app in their BlackBerry web browsers.

That doesn't mean the program will disappear and cease to exist from devices where it is already installed, but if you are a BlackBerry owner and have any issues with this product, you better get your questions in now.

The silver lining is that Google promises to build a "great Gmail experience" on the mobile browser, so that is where the focus (at least where it concerns BlackBerry users) will go from here on out.

Funny enough, just last week, Google finally released a iOS optimized app for Google Apps. (Although really, only Gmail and Calendar have decent functionality -- even after Google made fixes following the fumbled launch.) The iPhone/iPod touch version is free, while the iPad version costs 99 cents.


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  • RE: Google reneges on Gmail App for BlackBerry support

    It doesn't matter -- BlackBerry users will still be able to receive push email for their gmail accounts without the gmail app installed, as they always have. This article is misleading.
    • RE: Google reneges on Gmail App for BlackBerry support


      And sensationalistic, the bloggers here love to immediately seize upon and hype any tiny insignificant thing that might remotely suggest trouble for RIM, while ignoring and downplaying any problems with Google or Apple...

      Let me get this straight, Google is unable to get its head out of its butt and develop a decent Gmail app for Blackberry or iOS, and this is a sign that RIM is in trouble? Please.
      Doctor Demento
  • Worst. Article. Evar!

    I have the Gmail app on my BB and it's fine. In fact, I don't even use it. The email system on blackberry is top notch and I actually prefer getting my Gmail that way. This article is absolutely pointless when it comes to RIM's health as a company. This author obviously has a POS Droid or iPhone.
    • RE: Google reneges on Gmail App for BlackBerry support

      @digglerfied: Good luck using Gmail's labels, coloured labels and Priority Inbox with the native BB e-mail app :-|.

      It is a weird move on Google's part though. BB is very popular.
      • RE: Google reneges on Gmail App for BlackBerry support

        @bradavon Not a weird move at all; supporting native email clients is very expensive. This is more about moving to HTML5 where they can leverage their development investment across all smartphones. Why would you continue to support 20+ native variants when you can support one HTML5 app and get all the device at once? makes total sense to me.
  • RE: Google reneges on Gmail App for BlackBerry support

    Lame article. Truth is this:
    Google, which last week bungled the launch of a Gmail application for Apple iOS devices, has decided to put out to pasture its Gmail application for the BlackBerry.

    As of Nov. 22, Google will no longer offer technical support to users of the application, nor will it allow people to download it anymore, the company said in a blog post.
    However, people will be able to continue using it, although Google will put its development efforts on the version of the application for mobile browsers, available at

    "Over this past year, we've focused efforts on building a great Gmail experience in the mobile browser and will continue investing in this area," the blog post reads.

    Last week, Google released a Gmail application for iPhones, iPods and iPads running version 4.0 or higher of iOS, but soon after had to abruptly pull it from the Apple App Store because it had a bug that caused it to malfunction.

    Source: Infoworld
  • RE: Google reneges on Gmail App for BlackBerry support

    I have used the GMail app for BB since my company switched to Google Apps for Business since I did not want to go on the company's BES-Connected-to-GMail server. It served its purpose, but I am getting an iPhone next week, so it won't really matter at that point. It is too bad. I thought it worked pretty well, especially as the GMail web interface crashes my BB 9650 running BB OS 6.
  • RE: Google reneges on Gmail App for BlackBerry support

    I left my old blackberry then I left my old iphone and now nothing beats the integrated gmail experience on android - especially with this huge screen
  • RE: Google reneges on Gmail App for BlackBerry support

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