Google reportedly will name new Motorola Mobility CEO

Google reportedly will name new Motorola Mobility CEO

Summary: Chances are good that a new CEO for Motorola Mobility is likely to align hardware assets more closely with Google's ad business.


Google is set to name Dennis Woodside CEO of Motorola Mobility, according to a report.

Bloomberg is reporting that the search giant will replace current Motorola Mobility Sanjay Jha with Woodside. Woodside has been overseeing the Motorola purchase and has led Google's ad sales in the Americas.

The move to push Jha aside comes as Google won approval from U.S. and European regulators to close the Motorola purchase for $12.5 billion. On one hand, Jha's ouster isn't that surprising. CEOs of acquired companies often head for the exits. On the flip side, Jha was widely respected and credited with reviving Motorola Mobility with a big bet on Android.

With the Motorola Mobility purchase, Google gets patents, smartphone operations as well a large set-top box installed based. Chances are good that Woodside is likely to align those assets more closely with Google's ad business.



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  • RE: Google reportedly will name new Motorola Mobility CEO

    Hey Sanjay, you shoulda unlocked those bootloaders, man!

    ..and you can take Motoblur with you.
  • Over the bounding main

    I'm sure that once the deal closes, the biggest decision Sanjay Jha will face is whether to buy the 45' yacht or the 60-footer.
    Robert Hahn
  • HAHAHAHA Thats the thanks you get for going android.

    Feels so good to have an ad salesman running the hardware business now. If there's one thing android phones need more of its ads. HAHAHAHA
    Johnny Vegas
    • Culture shift

      @Johnny Vegas
      All seriousness aside, you have touched on something significant. Motorola was one of those companies like HP used to be, and like TI still is, where engineers were greatly respected. This is how long, slow talent leaks start.
      Robert Hahn