Google RSS Reader rolls out

Google RSS Reader rolls out

Summary: At the Web 2.0 conference Google took the wraps off its RSS reader--Google Reader.

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GoogleReader.jpgAt the Web 2.0 conference Google took the wraps off its RSS reader--Google Reader.  Like other Google products, the RSS reader has a simple interface, makes good use of AJAX and shows how the company is scoping out all the kinds of applications and services that Web users will want to have. It's beta and the search function for content is limited. It's been a while since there has been this level of tech industry competition and innovation. What's next? The Google branded browser? 

Topic: Google

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  • It's ok.

    That's about it.
  • Sick of Google Hype!

    EVERY little 1/2 ass thing Google does becomes a piece of their 'master plan'! Give me a break, they have an excellentsearch product that provides 99.999999% of their revenue and that will continue.....this other stuff is FLUFF! GMAIL, IM, toolbar, RSS reader, dewktop search....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz The are and will continue to be a ad revenue based company and that will be the bread and butter.
    It's like the ridiculous 'Web 2.0' bluster...people we have had 'AJAX' interfaces for years!! There is ZERO special about these applications (and by application I mean web sites!). Stop pointing to GMAIL as an example of Web 2.0, it's a website, it doesn't represent how my next desktop is going to work! Yesterday it was down for 45 min...WHY? because some tier of the web site was down...where is the full redundancy and availability? it's just a junk email for me, if my corporate email was based on it I would have been screwed. It's the 2005 take on the Network PC...stop it!
  • Interesting UI

    It's defintely interesting and different than what offers. It's really slow right now though and I'm just curious whether it was just due to the 'rush' effect or they didn't planned ahead enough to have the infrastructure to support it. Would be interesting to try it again in another 2-3 weeks when things slow down.
    • Sorry, needed to change my opinion


      After a short 15 min, I must say, they are NOT ready to even call this thing Beta. None of the subscriptions (2 RSS feeds) are being 'remembered'. And it's finally coming back with a 404 error now. I must say, after the Web Accelerator big let-down, this is the 2nd big let-down coming from Google. They better go back to the drawing board on this one.
      • Give me an

        D T Schmitz
  • Disappointing...

    Very disappointing... but not surprising at all from the "new" Google.

    If you want a prospective search tool that scans feeds for specific keywords / tags, you'd better check IMHO
  • Reaction

    Based on my 'exaustive' analysis, it's ok.

    Seriously, I'll live with it for a while and
    see, but, a cursory inspection leaves me
    preferring BlogLines or Akgregator.
    D T Schmitz
    • typo

      ok, So I didn't proof-read and can't spell.
      That's 'Akregator'.

      Later 'Gators
      D T Schmitz