Google to bridge desktop, cloud apps with DocVerse acquisition

Google to bridge desktop, cloud apps with DocVerse acquisition

Summary: Google acquires a startup that brings cloud capabilities to desktop software

TOPICS: Cloud, Google, Hardware

Google, still pushing the cloud for its productivity apps, today acquired a small startup called DocVerse, which has developed a plug-in to bring online collaboration tools to Microsoft's Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the desktop.

The key here, of course, is the transition. Some business customers have been a bit squeamish about moving from desktop software they're familiar with to a full cloud strategy. By incorporating cloud capabilities into desktop software, users not only get a taste of the extras the cloud can offer but also are able to immediately start benefiting from those cloud-based collaboration that increase productivity. In a blog post, the company explains:

The future of productivity applications is in the cloud. We've always believed the web is the best platform for creating and sharing information, and Google Docs has already helped millions of people become more productive. But we recognize that many people are still accustomed to desktop software. So as we continue to improve Google Docs and Google Sites as rich collaboration tools, we’re also making it easier for people to transition to the cloud, and interoperate with desktop applications like Microsoft Office.

Current DocVerse customers can continue to use the service as usual but Google has suspended new sign-ups "until we're ready to share what's next."

Topics: Cloud, Google, Hardware

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  • Google is really going after the cloud document market in a BIG way. First

    replication, and now this, all in one day.

    Bloated office suites are still alive, but dying.
    • Just like your prediction that Google Gears

      was the death of bloated sever systems like Sharepoint.

      We see how well that went. :(
      John Zern
      • Sharepoint is moving to the cloud because the cost of buying servers and

        hosting locally is astronomical. But, Gears was
        a proof of concept, but, all that functionality
        is now part of HTML5, so, Google will now faze
        out Gears. Of course MS is dragging their feet
        on HTML5! That will mean more share loses for
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