Google tops Yahoo as best email provider (poll)

Google tops Yahoo as best email provider (poll)

Summary: Gmail tops Yahoo Mail overall, but AOL Mail comes out of nowhere to win 18-29 year olds.


One might argue that the United States is very divided when it comes to politics, but the same can also be said about email providers.

When asked which company is the best email provider, Americans responded that Google is the best, beating Yahoo by a 23 percent to 20 percent margin, according to new research released by Poll Position.

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But the real shocking result was this: AOL’s e-mail service was rated best among 18-29 year olds, with 32 percent of the vote. Yahoo came in second with 18 percent, and Google secured only 10 percent.

However, Google did better when the age demographics were broken down a different way. Among 30 to 44 year olds, Gmail held strong as 37 percent of participants liked it the most, while Yahoo won the 45-64 year old age group at 27 percent.

Going back to real politics, here's the breakdown of winners by the most common U.S. political affiliations:

  • Republicans picked AOL Mail with 20.3 percent to win
  • Democrats picked Gmail at 27.3 percent
  • Independents opt more for Gmail as well at 22.9 percent

Yahoo did maintain a steady balance across all three of these groups hovering between roughly 15 and 25 percent across the board.

The results are based on the responses from 1,184 registered voters nationwide, and the poll was conducted on November 10, 2011.

In case you're wondering how Poll Position came about these findings, the non-partisan polling service samples random adult Americans by calling landline and opt-in mobile phones. Quotas are set for each time zone to assure national representation, and data is weighted by age, race, and gender.


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  • RE: Google tops Yahoo as best email provider (poll)

    I use Gmail, Yahoo!, and Hotmail on a daily basis, but I just don't like Google's new Gmail update. I don't really like Yahoo's either, but at least there is some contrast instead of everything being white (or some other color depending on if you applied a theme).
  • RE: Google tops Yahoo as best email provider (poll)

    I use Gmail through a Thunderbird client.
  • Is this poll telling us about "the best" or "the most used" or

    "the most preferred". <br><br>The "best" would indicate that, people have used all of the above, and have come to some reasonable conclusion about which one of them is the "best" for how they use them or what they expect from them. I doubt that all the people involved in the poll actually went through the steps required to make a determination about "best e-mail" provider. I would bet that many of them have never used an e-mail service other than the one they started with. it's mostly about staying with what they've known and about keeping a service that their friends and family and co-workers know that someone uses.