Google's "big announcement" amounts to improved YouTube app

Google's "big announcement" amounts to improved YouTube app

Summary: Google last night announced new improvements to its Google TV YouTube application. Hardly the "big announcement" we were hoping for.


Google TV's late-night announcement was not what one was expecting. Instead of being a "big announcement" as was promised on its Google TV Facebook page yesterday, it turned out to be a "mediocre-at-best" feature update to a service hardly anyone uses.

Instead of offering out new hardware, or announcing a new set-top box deal with Motorola as the $12.5 billion acquisition inches nearer and nearer, instead we were graced with a new YouTube application for Google TV. Having said that, Google needs to keep its head down and its nose clear while Europe slams on about the company's privacy policy changes, so anything to distract away would be a blessing.

Available "in the next few days", it adds aesthetic navigation tweaks and new discovery features. Let's not forget that YouTube is already available on Google TV --- one of the few places you can actually access streaming video from within the service --- and these updates are only to keep the handful of users engaged.

A Google source confirmed to AllThingsD that this was in fact the announcement. Google did not immediately respond for comment. Let's hope for more exciting, less mundane things in the works.

Image source: Google.


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  • RE: Google's

    It does look good though.
  • RE: Google's

    Like when iTunes got the Beatles? It was just another big company following the marketing example of those who went before them.
    • RE: Google's

      @Peter Perry I agree
  • RE: Google's

    I'm still waiting on improvements to the Android app...
  • RE: Google's

    I don't get it does google want me to watch Youtube leanback, live,movies, original channels or what? You have to hunt for all of this stuff...except whatever crap is trending with the 13 year old population currently... that content is shoved up front. Why don,t they make a real portal for their real offerings? I want to know that Coachella is live right now, I want to watch lollapaloosa when it's live... why do we have to hunt for this stuff... totally stupid try finding the paid movies easily... not there and not promoted on Gtv?