Google's favorite places: Now with window sticker bar codes

Google's favorite places: Now with window sticker bar codes

Summary: Google highlights its most searched for businesses with a scannable bar code in storefront windows.

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If you happen to see a sticker with a strange-looking black-and-white bar code in the window of a business in your town, it's a badge of honor of sorts from Google.

Actually, it's a fully functional bar code, called a QR code, that's scannable by mobile phones - including the iPhone and Android devices - to give window shoppers some key information about that business, including reviews, hours and more. But not just anyone can get one of these stickers - at least initially. Companies with this sticker are among the 100,000 most searched-for companies on and Google Maps, considered to be one of the "Favorite Places on Google."

The launch is part of Google's larger effort both offline and online to enhance local business results when you search. To beef up the local business listings,. Google is encouraging businesses of all sizes to provide listing information to Google's Local Business Center for free, a move that will help the Google to verify the business' information and allow the business owner to beef up the listing with things like video and photos.

Whether you love Google or hate Google, the search engine - as well as the Google maps app on some of the most popular smartphones - has become the "Yellow Pages" of this generation. I know it's how I find businesses and more when I'm out and about. Beefing up a Google listing is a quick, cheap and easy way for local businesses to make themselves more available and accessible to a larger mobile audience.

Last time I checked, that was a good thing for small businesses.

Topic: Google

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  • Hey look: Google knows where I shop now!

    who is this [i]really[/i] intended to help?
    John Zern
    • So does your bank and credit card company... (NT)

      • Yes, but....

        my bank and credit card company aren't in the business of selling
        targeted ads. Google is.
        • Maybe not banks, read your CC privacy statement...

          If you get your CC statement in the mail notice you'll have numerous
          other advertisements in that envelop. Used to get mine that way now on
          the web. So yes CC companies do the same thing, maybe even banks. We
          used to receive those advertisements with our utility bills as well.

          If they targeted adds maybe there will be something in there I would
          never have found out about. Most to me is junk. Target me all they want I
          don't have to buy.
  • Darn clever

    I have to hand it to Google, they come up with some pretty neat stuff. Google Voice is quickly becoming one of my favorite tools. You can reply to a text message from Gmail and it updates the SMS conversation thread in Voice. That's killer.

    It's been decades since MSFT came up with anything worthwhile. Their last big innovation announcement was a table. Yay, MSFT! A table! W00t!
  • Awww... Come On... how lazy can ya be...

    ... How long does it take to type a name in a phone for a quick search. A quick question... how much would a company have to pay for you to tell them where you go, when you go there, what places you like to shop, what kind of store you're interested in, and what neighborhoods you frequent? is getting store information 6 sec quicker enough payment?
  • RE: Google's favorite places: Now with window sticker bar codes

    Check out Judy's Book Featured Places