Google's Nexus One arriving next week?

Google's Nexus One arriving next week?

Summary: Google's Nexus One may be landing next week, according to various reports.

TOPICS: Google, Mobility, Telcos

Google's Nexus One---a highly anticipated phone---may be landing next week, according to various reports.

TmoNews, Digital Daily and others are reporting an "Android press gathering" Jan. 5. The event will reportedly feature the Nexus One, a phone that has generated a ton of buzz.

However, details about the unlocked Nexus One are still sparse. The biggest variable about the Nexus One will be pricing. Google's premier phone will run on T-Mobile's network.

We'll find out soon enough. Google's Nexus One unveiling is timed perfectly for CES. It remains to be seen whether the Nexus One has enough mojo to upstage the barrage of devices coming down the pike next week.


Topics: Google, Mobility, Telcos

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  • T-Mobile?

    This whole thing is weird... either it's going to
    turn out to be no big deal, but because it's
    Google it's gotten a lot of pre-release "over-
    hype", or there's more to this phone or Google's
    strategy that none of us know yet. For one thing,
    I can't imagine T-Mobile's 3G network being able
    to handle the type of data usage a phone like this
    could bring... but what do I know!
    • Dont think its been overhyped....

      The form factor of the phone is really what the hype is about. Android
      itself is pretty much ahead of the pack in terms of features and style as
      it is. Honestly the majority of complaints I see are about the devices
      being underpowered. Or the device isn't thin and so called sexy. Or it
      has a physical keyboard and shouldnt . Well this one to me answers the
      style and performance nuts. From the leaked hands on time its very
      fast. They say its thinner than an IPhone 3GS and the screen is larger
      and looks better by a longshot. I think Google is just trying to force the
      OEMs to start pushing the style and power boundaries. Everything
      released so far falls short somewhwer and I fail to see what the OEMs
      are thinking. But if the Droid is selling well with its odd look then Nexus
      One will surely sell. Its not overhyped because it answers the most
      common complaints.
  • RE: Google's Nexus One arriving next week?

    Its just an event , but the phone production is still early may.

    Quick and Dirty Article.
  • RE: Google's Nexus One arriving next week?

    Not the phone, just the news is coming next week.

    Quick and Dirty Articles...