Google's Nexus One: Is it super? And is there a market for a superphone?

Google's Nexus One: Is it super? And is there a market for a superphone?

Summary: Google nveiled its Nexus One and introduced what could be a new market: The superphone. Here's what you have to decide: Is that Google's superphone spiel for the Nexus One reality or mere marketing?

TOPICS: Mobility, Google, Telcos

Google on Tuesday unveiled its Nexus One and introduced what could be a new market: The superphone. Here's what you have to decide: Is that Google's superphone spiel for the Nexus One reality or mere marketing?

At this early juncture it's hard to tell whether the Nexus One will be a superphone. Nexus One has some neat features---animated wallpapers, neat weather widgets and other items---but do those items qualify as "super." Perhaps the Nexus One is just a "really smartphone."

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In other words, the Nexus One is snazzy, but it's unclear whether it’s super, or an iPhone killer (Techmeme).

Among the key features:

  • Every text field is voice enabled. Speak your Tweets. That's the most impressive thing Google had going.
  • Nexus One is 11.5 mm thin.
  • Runs on a Qualcomm QSD 8250 1 GHz processor;
  • It's 130 grams, or as heavy as a Swiss Army keychain knife.
  • Does multimedia well.
  • Features shortcuts and widgets, but we've seen that elsewhere with the Palm's Web OS and Motorola Droid.
  • Animated wall papers and personalization features.
  • A 3D framework on the phone for Google Earth.

There's also a new way to buy Android phones with simple plans and hookups with devices. You can buy a phone with service or without service. With service Nexus One is $179. Without it's $529. The rub: Nexus One is on T-Mobile at first. Verizon later. Count me out until Verizon comes along.

Are those items super enough for you to pay? The debate may take some time to play out. Consider the initial Twitter reaction:


It's not a super-phone unless it makes you fly and gives you X-ray vision.


If Nexus One is a super phone, then iPhone is a super duper phone.

Microsoft has its Bing "decision engine" and now Google has its "superphone." Both have to live up to their advance billing. What remains to be seen is whether the market---all of you consumers and gadget freaks---define the Nexus One as a superphone.

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That superphone judgment will be rendered over time. Today the Nexus One will be hyped to oblivion. I must say that I'm pretty excited this pup is coming to Verizon Wireless, but we'll see if the Nexus One is a superphone over time.

Topics: Mobility, Google, Telcos

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  • Where can I buy? I've been waiting for Android 2 on T-Mobile.


      Not sure if you can buy it yet. All I know is that
      it's not available here in Sweden.
      • It wouldn't matter if it's available in Sweden

        unless it's a GSM phone, right?

        I have no idea if T mobile is GSM but verizon isn't.
    • Phft...just install Cyanogen

      Gives most of the features of Android 2. Widgets, Exchange mail sync, load all apps on SD card, and much MUCH more.

      Did it to my G1 and have no reason to upgrade (except maybe for that 1Ghz processor...that would be nice).
      • The G1 has less RAM and CPU power.

        I just want a smart phone on a cheap plan that can replace my Dell Axim X51V PDA and LG CU500 cell phone. I want Android because I use Google for everything.
  • YAWN...............(nt)

  • RE: Google's Nexus One: Is it super? And is there a market for a superphone?

    All these features and no one will use them. Its going to be the same for everyone, make calls, txt your friends, and maybe do some web browsing on it. Like all things Google, this is another over hyped product. I'd advise everyone to read the license terms very carefully. I wouldn't put it past Google to record your every call, track your every move, and any thing you say including ideas or other info becomes theirs. If you are willing to blindly hand your life over to Google then this phone is for you. If you value your privacy and want to keep the information yours then stay away from anything with the Google name.
    Loverock Davidson
    • Amen to that, LD (nt)

      Nothing here
      • Lots here I do all that with a G1

        Of course.. if you are an Appple that can't gee wiz... stay with you one App a time.

        I am currently on a call, processing mail, sending a files for work and typing this message all in one with a G1!!!

        So yeah.. its a lot! But then again.. you have to know how to use it!
        • That's it.....seriously?

          I'm on my super light 11.6" laptop with Windows 7 Professional, on 2 seperate video conferences, sharing my screen out with one while I am doing a demo and in the meantime I've got Visual studio up running tests on an app I wrote on the plane.
          I think the fact I'm doing email and shooting off excel 2007 files to corporate at the same time goes without saying.

          You know...the smart phones are so last decade. This is the decade of the super light laptop/tablets where we can get real work done. Don't be such a slacker.
          • Awesome! LOL (nt)

          • OH YEEEAAA???!!!

            Well I'm playing 12 games, holding 7 conference
            calls, 112 IM/TXTing conversations, programing
            an entirely NEW OS, while designing an EVEN
            BETTER device than the one that is IMPLANTED IN
            MY HEAD allowing me to do all this.... so

            (oh I'm also ripping 117 audio albums,
            upsampling and reencoding by pirated video
            library of 7,031 movies to highdef, while
            decoding 10,000 different peoples genomes. No
            biggie, light day *sip my yerba mate*)
          • Well, you got me beat.

            I'm not so sure you didn't overdo it a bit, but that's the spirit! <br>
    • Agreed

    • this is the begining of the end for M$

      I will order my phone today!
      Linux and Google are liberating the people!
      Linux Geek
      • You should.

        That way the Google phone will have double digit sales!
        John Zern
        • Nexus One will achieve 6 digit sales in next to no time.

          You're thinking of Windows Mobile.
          • Really?

            And here I was talking to Linux Geek.

            Oh well, your two cents are noted, and already placed in the bank towards your future.

            I mean, you really should go back and get your GED
            John Zern
          • iPhone does six digit sales everyday

            six digits would be an EPIC FAIL....
            Johnny Vegas
      • Windows mobiles weren't that popular to begin with.

        They've always been niche.