Google's search share tops 61 percent; That'll spook Microsoft more

Google's search share tops 61 percent; That'll spook Microsoft more

Summary: Here's why Microsoft is paying people to use its search: Google's search market share checked in at 61.6 percent, up from 59.


Here's why Microsoft is paying people to use its search: Google's search market share checked in at 61.6 percent, up from 59.8 percent in March, according to comScore.

Google's gains appear to have come at the expense of Yahoo primarily (comScore statement). Yahoo's search share fell to 20.4 percent in April, from 21.3 percent in March. Microsoft search fell to 9.1 percent in April from 9.4 percent in March. In fact, all search and AOL--took a market share hit except for Google.

Here comes the natural search monopoly folks.

These search market share figures put a lot of recent events in context. For starters, Google's search gains are a big reason why Microsoft has been hot for Yahoo in either a full acquisition or some sort of search purchase.

In the meantime, Microsoft will pay you to gain some search mojo. Judging from Google's share the software giant may want to step up its payments.

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  • Why is it growing?

    I personally feel it is, by far, not the best search engine on the web.

    So why are so many people using it? Brand? Ads? Google tool bar loaded along side programs like Adobe reader or the like?

    I doubt this will "spook" Microsoft, I'd be surprised if they were not looking along the lines of someting else.
    • Google is the best search, and MS has a HUGE image problem. Who wants to

      use stuff from the village idiots????
      • Hi DonnieBoy, Let me clue you in on something

        Now, without going into too great a detail, I've met one of the "Big Three" at Google (and their significant other. Nice people) a couple of times (an immediate family memeber is a neighbor [b]and[/b] friend), at two neighborhood functions where they live not too long ago, so I have an idea here what I'm talking about.

        Google has people that do nothing but track what Microsoft is up to, they see them as a big threat as they've got the biggest pile of cash, and really good developers, so they don't take them lightly [i]at all[/i]. The last thing they see Microsoft as is a bunch of "village idiots".

        Their biggest fear? that the next Re-org at MS might be the one that puts all the right people in all the right places. The Yahoo thing was a [b]big[/b] worry to them, of that I'm sure

        I guess you get off calling them "village idiots", but lets hope you don't believe that as it would make you quite naive.
        • Well, Google would be stupid to underestimate Microsoft, that much is true.

          But, MS had years head start, everything to lose, with 1000x the seed capitol, a monopoly to leverage, and all they can manage is a miserable distant third. Kind of makes them look like the village idiots doesn't it??? So SURE, they could get their sheeeet together, fire balmer and gates, and do a masterful reorg that puts the right people in the right places, with no restrictions on protecting cash cows. And, Google is planning for that possibility, no matter how remote, but, balmer and buthead will likely go down with the ship, and not allow that to happen.

          They are about 100x more worried about MS leveraging the monopoly. MS WILL leverage the monopoly and pay fines if necessary.
          • You really don't get it, do you?

            Google's founders had absolutelly no clue what they had, and even Schmitt when he came onboard didn't know that search and advertising were going to take off as it did.

            MS was (and is) making lots of money off of software, and search was not a priority for them, and for all the praise you reap on Yahoo how come they are a distant second? I guess they're the village idiots seeing they were actually [b]in[/b] the search business the entire time, and let Google surpass them.

            Lycos was the brand early on, as was Alta-Vista and Excite, and where are they now? BELOW Microsoft, below Yahoo, below google.

            So is everybody else "village idiots", or did google get very lucky that they got the "buzz" when they did?

            Look at Google, the number 1 search engine, with all their skill, top talent, and money at their disposal, and they continue to [i]lose[/i] market share in China every year.

            What's that make them? Smart?
          • 'Look at Google, the number 1 search engine,

            with all their skill, top talent, and money at their disposal, and they continue to lose market share in China every year.

            What's that make them? Smart?'

            Do you mean to imply, Gaius Plinius Secundus, that stupidity is the only adequate explanation of the fact that [b]Google[/b], with an estimated 25 % market share, has not been able to make headway against search leader [b]Baidu[/b] ([b]百度[/b]), with about 60 %, in recent years ? Rather than appealing to [b]Google[/b]'s obtuseness, Baidu chairman Robin Li (李彦宏, Li Yanhong) finds a different explanation for his company's success :

            ?Instrumental to our growth were the ceaseless efforts of our salesforce and customer service teams who continued to deliver strong results despite a long Chinese New Year holiday and severe snow storms across large parts of China.? (http://tinyurl.com5s5u66)

            But no doubt you know more about the [u]real[/u] reasons that [b]Google[/b] is only number 2 in this market....

            ... [i]rumoresque senum severiorum
            omnes unius aestimemus assis ! [/i]

          • Very Good

            I was wondering if anyone would get "Pliny the Elder". Very Good

            No, I we don't know exactly [i]why[/i], but then neither does DonnieBoy, the example was a comparison on his take that. Why aren't they number one in China? Why are they lossing a liitle ground every year?

            He points out that Microsoft, whose main buisness is being a [i]software company[/i] didn't catch on to search/web advertsing as google did somehow makes them the "Village Idiots".

            But then he won't answer, or even encroach onto why Yahoo, Lyco, and the rest, those who's main business [b]is[/b] search and advertising, didn't catch onto it like Google did. Why blame Microsoft while giving Yahoo and others a free pass, it makes no sense?

            I don't think that Google is comprised of a bunch of "Village Idiots" becuase companies are signing up with competing technologies against Android, or that Google Apps isn't being used on a level close to MS Office, it's not their main business. All things are not as they seem, and none of the players here are idiots,

            Just wanting to see what made this DonnieBoy click, to see if he is for real, see if he can explain Google's less then sucsessful ideas as "well" as he does everyone elses.

            [i]and let us consider all the rumors of severe old men to be worth just one penny[/i]
          • Wow, so MS must be REALLY stupid if they let a bunch of ignorant punks beat

            them in search. If you feel that Google is that stupid, what does it say for MS????
      • Village Idiots?

        Those village idiots (and so many more) are billionaires - far more than what those google guys (and you, i'm sure) have. Schmidt is a 2-time loser to those village idiots. Schmidt (compared to villager Bill) did not even have his own company. Must be good to be an idiot.
        • Right, Bill and Steve are so busy spending those billions, that is why they

          let Google beat them in search. And, most of us do not equate money one to one with brilliance.
  • When one thinks Google...

    they think search. Other players in the game don't even come to mind.

    A little marketing could go a long ways for other search providers.
  • RE: Google's search share tops 61 percent; That'll spook Microsoft more

    Considering Microsoft has never had a lead or major market share in search and the Google took share away from Yahoo I really don't see how this is going to spook Microsoft. When you look into it deeper, it means Google has that much more market share to lose so if anyone is to be spooked its them.
    Loverock Davidson
  • Your corporate site is uploaded

    You finish writing your web site and then you upload it.Where does it go?To MSN or Google or---?
  • RE: Google's search share tops 61 percent; That'll spook Microsoft more

    Let see, I only use GOOGLE is because their main page default has NO advertising or any information on it. I will and do NOT plan on using any of the features that they have. Don't care about tool or search bars. I use it only as a search engine, nothing more nothing less.
    I have begun to use and to compare to Google. Although they are far from where they should be, They are getting better. I happen to like live search better than google map.
    Say what you will...
  • Surprised it's that low

    I can't think of anybody who does not just
    Google something when they want to find
    it. I never hear anybody even mention
    another search engine.
    • RE: Surprised it's that low

      That was my thought as well.

      While on the subject of search engines I would love to see ZDNet do more search engine reviews. I like google, but it seems to me like it returns more bogus results than it used to and we need to keep our eyes open for alternatives. Help us out ZDNet...

  • RE: Google's search share tops 61 percent; That'll spook Microsoft more

    Well, don??t know about you, but personally I surf with the web that plants trees for most of its profit. What a simple and genious way to help our planet. Can any other webportal beat that?
  • Why not just Google it.

    Google has the largest search index to best search relevancy ratio of all search engines and they are always improving because search is imbeded in Google's DNA. It is their very origin. Yahoo and Microsoft are wanna bes who got into search later on because of the money, not really because they were interested in search at all. In fact both companies passed on the opportunity to buy Google when Google was stil a very small company because they thought the whole thing was a fad. Yahoo was human indexing everything like librarians but could not later keep up with the ever expanding humongous scaling of the internet. So I find no compelling reason to use anything but Google. Keep up the great work Google.
    jack of daniels
  • And which billionaire helps me ???

    Personally - i don't care which billionaire wins (google/MS/apple/yahoo/ ...)

    I do like the competition as this gets me a better product, less cost and a huge boost in free web mail and web site hosting.

    Why aren't we asking ""what's best for us"" and stop worrying about the billionaires.

    One thing for sure - without competition - we lose
  • Google's search share *in US* tops 61 %; That'll spook Microsoft more

    is, perhaps, the way the headline should have been phrased - Larry and other [b][i]ZDNet[/i][/b] bloggers might be advised to keep in mind that they have a readership that extends beyond the boundaries of the United States. The difference between what happens in the world as a whole and in the United States is often significant ; thus, [b][i]XiTi Monitor[/i][/b]'s survey of 91322 Francophone websites during the period 1 - 30 April 2008 showed a market share for [b]Google[/b] of some [u]90.01 %[/u], with [b]Yahoo[/b] second at 3.04 %. With regard to [b]comScore[/b], readers here may wish to note [b]McAfee SiteAdvisor[/b]'s advisory, which calls Comscore/Marketscore a known provider of what some regard as advertising programmes, spyware, or other malware and suggests that users exercise caution in downloading files from the site....