Green IT: Fatigue setting in already?

Green IT: Fatigue setting in already?

Summary: You couldn't go more than an hour at the Gartner conference without hearing about green IT and its impact on technology managers. But there is some evidence that we may be hitting the saturation point with the green IT mantra.

TOPICS: CXO, IT Priorities

You couldn't go more than an hour at the Gartner conference without hearing about green IT and its impact on technology managers. But there is some evidence that we may be hitting the saturation point with the green IT mantra.

Don't get me wrong? Electric bills are a big issue. The environment matters. And green IT is front and center for most vendors. But anecdotally the rank and file is saying "enough already" as the Gartner types hammer home their green points.

None of these folks will go on record--who wants to look like a tree-killer? But there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that a mini-backlash is brewing.

A few points raised by a few random technology managers in various conversations.

Green IT is a great way to sell you stuff--lots of stuff. One executive noted that green technology is sounding more like marketing spiel everyday. Technology vendors want to look like a green front runner so they can sell you more gear. Of course, consultants--like Gartner possibly--want to help you figure out your green strategy. Add it up and whatever you save in power may be spent on consultants. Software is the real fix. The technology vendors that should be doing the most talking are software vendors. You want to save power? Shut down your PCs when you go home. Throttle back the number of running servers at night. Virtualization and automated server management will do more than any smaller, more efficient box.

Enough with the guilt trip. Gartner analysts regularly noted that social responsibility will become a bigger issue for companies. In fact, that social responsibility, which is the norm in Europe, will impact technology decisions in the U.S. All of that's true. Just don't expect a bunch of American technology managers to really give a hoot. One technology manager noted that an ROI case for green IT would have more legs than presentations about how the green movement is changing technology. In other words, take the green, add in some greenbacks and stir well. Show these folks the money, savings and the bonuses from delivering a green project and they'll be a lot less skeptical.

Topics: CXO, IT Priorities

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  • Server based computing

    Here at Age Concern we are trying to reduce the TCO of our computer systems and as a by-product our carbon footprint.

    We are about to implement Server based computing using thin clients. This promised a 91% reduction in our Carbon footprint but when I did the number crunching and added the four servers to the network the net result was an increase in Co2.

    The servers are power hungry beasts and demand far more than the thin clients put together. However virtualisation will allow us to reduce the number down to two.

    Philip Rushton:
  • Global warming is a trillion-dollar marketing spin ...

    PC (political correctness) has taken its trillion-dollar toll already on our economy in terms of lawsuits and the U.S. needing to be everything to everybody. And now "everybody" includes that dandelion you weed from your backyard. And everyone is too scared to say anything for fear of appearing "politically-incorrect" and "insensitive." PC has been honed into a mind-controlling tool that is proving very useful to its purveyors and wielders.

    Whatever "global warming" MAY be occurring (and the court is certainly still out on that--remember the "new ice age" that was supposed to happen during the 1970s?) has no empirical tie to human activity. According to truthful analysis by qualified persons of all the evidence, if humans never existed, the earth would pretty much be--temperature-wise--what it is today.

    So why all the hype? Because that's the only way to convince the U.S. taxpayer to allow the federal government to create trillion-dollar sink-holes via funding "green" projects and "green" industries in which to enrich themselves. The deepest pockets belong to the U.S. Government, and, like greedy lawyers, they see a way to ciphon trillions off the till. Period. End of story.
    • I agree

      This whole man-made global warming, green, whatever you want to call it. Is a hoax. The people telling us to quit our energy hog ways are doing NOTHING to change theirs. Only if there is a photo-op. They're still flying their private jets, driving their huge black SUV's, heating and cooling their 20,000 sq. ft. mansions while telling us to use one square of toilet paper. I'm all for saving money on my energy bill, but the PC crowd's screams of "The sky is falling" for literally anything weather related has trivialized anything that could have been done.
      • Love your claims

        Care to provide any supporting evidence?

        In the meantime, doesn't it make sense to turn off lights in rooms where there are no
        people? Doesn't it make sense to turn off machines that aren't being used?
        • Of course it makes sense not to waste resources.

          Why would anyone throw money away by wasting anything? But that has nothing to do with the global warming scam.

          Evidence is extremely easy to find. Algore and his followers claim that human produced CO2 is causing global warming. But atmospheric CO2 levels don't determine global temperature. Global temperatures lead CO2 levels, by 200 to 800 years. Temperature goes up and a few hundred years later CO2 levels go up. The temperature goes down, and a few hundred years later CO2 levels go down. And we know why and we can duplicate it in the laboratory (on a much smaller scale and shorter time frame, of course).

          Global warming is about money and political power, and has little connection with science.

          Still, for unrelated reasons, it only makes sense to use all resources wisely.
    • Well...

      If you don't like to be eco friendly for the sake of being eco
      friendly. Then don't, be cause it saves you money.

      My house is a well insulated brick house, saves me more and more money with
      the rising oil prices. And it also keeps it cooler in the
      summer, so I actually don't need aircon.
      My old oil burner,kettle and pump needs replacing, prob gonna
      do natural gas, and perhaps solar cells or just a sun heat
      exchanger, depends on what best money wise.

      My big ass estate car runs 40 miles on a gallon of Diesel,
      it's 9 years old now and will prob last 5 more. (it's french btw.) Both the good milage and the long lifespan of the car
      saves me money. Cars are extremely expensive in Denmark take
      your US price and x3, a bloody ford focus estate is 54K USD.
      Also have a smaller car with an even better fuel economy, for
      city driving but hey gallon of petrol is 6$+ here and diesel is
      5$+ pr gallon.

      My light bulbs are all of the eco friendly type, my computer
      turns off the stuff that's connected to it when I turn it off.
      My TV/video (not the tivo-likethingie need to tape NFL when you
      live on the other side of the world.) isn't on standby at night.

      I do recycle all that I can, and compost my garden leftovers.
      I take my bicycle not the car when I go downtown, it's faster
      cheaper and I need the exercise.

      And a part of my job is doing Total Cost of Ownership for IT
      solutions, and it is good business to do green IT.

      And just to put things straight, so I'm not dismissed as a
      bloody EU french type, commie hippie.

      I'm not a commie bastard.
      I'm not a hippie, I look more like a drill sergeant.
      I eat ecological grown stuff cause it tastes better.
      I don't hate americans, I've spend a lot of time 'over there'.
      I know americans make great beers (Great divide,brooklyn,ancor)
      I work for an american multinational company.
      I love american football (follow Patriots,Colts and Falcons)
      but I don't understand why it isn't called american rugby.
      I like shooting guns but won't have one in the house.

      // Jesper
    • Global Warming IS occuring.

      Come on people, there is no 'MAY be occuring', it IS occurring and over 4/5ths of the people who actually study this stuff (not study how much money is involved) agree.

      However, even if human activity is not the cause of it (unlikely according to last documents I read), surely we still have to deal with it. If people started to die on your property due to carbon monoxide poisoning, would you investigate even though you couldn't see the cause (as its colourless and odorless) or ignore it by saying, 'well I can't see it or smell it and its not effecting me so I won't worry about it' ?
  • Just the mention of Gartner...

    casts doubt on the validity of the issue(s) being discussed.

    Gartner is so far off on nearly everything they talk about that I can't believe anyone listens, period.

    Gartner is a joke.
  • Getting sleepy...

    ...must stay awake. Aaack; it's these boring ZD net posts.
  • The Real Green IT Fatigue

    On June 8, 2007 Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon called
    climate change the ?defining issue of our era.?

    The facts are no longer in dispute (by anyone with an IQ larger than their shoe
    size). The planet is getting hotter. We are the cause. So the real ?fatigue? we
    should have is with people who continue to debate whether or not global warming
    is happening.

    ?Green IT fatigue?, give me a break --- our industry is behind and we need to do a
    lot more. Green business is good for business and good for the planet.

    If there is legitimate ?Green IT Fatigue? is comes in two forms:

    1) CIOs and business technology leaders who are not working on lowering their
    carbon footprint. Why isn?t our industry doing more?
    2) Technology vendors who are misleading their customers by calling their
    existing products/service green when in fact they are not. It is time for vendors to
    come clean about being green.
    christopher Lochhead
    • Maybe its an opportunity for something else

      The Green arguement like most has two sides but the other parts to being green is we do not have limitless energy. Nuclear is not as clear and friendly as we hoped. wind and wave is expensive and has issues spoiling landscape etc. Fossil fuels are limited.
      Sustainability is an issue. Can we really keep growing and producing waste without any problem. Remember payback is a b***h!!
      If there is a way of reducing our need for poluting the planet not just CO2 but all the other unnatural stuff. Why not go for that.
      Would you drop a computer in a bucket of water or a couple of months then drink the contents?
      I know there is a lot of green wash going on as the greedy jump on the cause. Simple thing is run the idea and check the results if it is green let everyone know. If it is not let EVERYONE know. Old english saying "the proof of the pudding is in the eating". If these green vendors wont agree to a free trial in order to save the planet then they must have something to hide.
  • RE: Green IT: Fatigue setting in already?

    read this: