How to become an offshore (outside the law) spammer

How to become an offshore (outside the law) spammer

Summary: The email shown below appeared in my inbox today. I get a lot of spam.

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The email shown below appeared in my inbox today. I get a lot of spam.  Hundreds per day.  But this is the first that I can recall that offers me a way to become an offshore spammer that not only could escape domestic law enforcement, but also spam filtering algorithms based on IP addresses that are known sources of spam (and therefore end up on so-called "e-mail blacklists").   "Fresh IPs" the e-mail says -- probably alluding to the availability of IP addresses that have never been used before (in other words, they're not on any public blacklists).   "Dedicated 100 [mbps] fiber" with "Unlimited Data Transfer" which means I can crank spam at the addresses on e-mail lists almost as fast as the server can create them without paying a dime extra.  Oh, and if you don't have a good list of e-mail addresses, this outfit will supply one for you.  About the only thing that's missing are the "local" legal services to create a Chinese shell business that further insulates such a spam operation from the reaches of US law.  Here's the e-mail that punctuated the end of my summer with a reality check:


BulletProof server:

Fresh IPs
1024MB RAM
Dedicated 100M fiber
Unlimited Data Transfer
Any software
Based in China
US$599.00 per month

May use the server for:

Bulk Hosting
Direct Mailing

We also supply email list according to your order and sending out your message for you.

Looking forward to do business with you.


Server Dept

For del:

Sorta makes ya wanna become a spammer, doesn't it? 

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • "Sorta makes ya wanna become a spammer, doesn't it? "

    No, it makes me want to nuke China*.

    *That was a joke. I don't really think anyone should drop several hundred megatons on China just to get kill a bunch of spammers.

    Besides, it probably wouldn't work, because scientists say cockroaches will survive a global nuclear war.
    Hallowed are the Ori
  • One simple rule: ALL SPAMMERS LIE

    Oops, this article forgot the one simple rule :) It would be interesting to see if the spammer sold you a bill of goods, or what these "fresh" IP addresses were. Good topic for investigative reporting - pose as a spammer and buy these services with a special account set up for this purpose (and then track that account number as it makes its way through the underground!), then see what they sell you.