HP launches webOS Pivot, courts developers

HP launches webOS Pivot, courts developers

Summary: HP rolled out webOS Pivot, a venue to highlight apps and showcase developers. The company also added a discount system to reward loyalty and app volume.


HP on Wednesday officially rolled out webOS Pivot, a venue to highlight apps and showcase developers. The company also added a discount system to its developer program designed to reward those with the most years working with Palm and active webOS apps.

The moves come as HP preps its HP TouchPad for lift off at various retailers. The Wi-Fi TouchPad starts at $499 and is the latest entry to the tablet market. HP will push the TouchPad via its formidable consumer and enterprise channels.

According to HP, Pivot will complement its App Catalog and be an editorial product---basically a monthly magazine---showcasing app discovery by region and lifestyle. HP will put original content by journalists and photographers from publishers such as Conde Nast in Pivot.

The primary aim of Pivot will be to showcase and stoke interest in the WebOS platform. Pivot will publish in English, French, German and Spanish and then roll out to all HP TouchPad customers.

As for the discount program, HP said it will post full details on its developer portal July 1. In the long run, the discount deal will probably have a much bigger impact than Pivot. Developers tend to follow the money and generous revenue split.


Assessing the corporate tablet field: Why the enterprise may be different

Topics: Operating Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Mobile OS, Software Development

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  • RE: HP launches webOS Pivot, courts developers

    One more piece to the succesful launch of the best tablet in the marketplace. webOS is almost universally recognized as the best operating system on the planet, and with the addition of Fearless Studios developing in the game slot, and World champion boxer and Congressman hawking it, the world is waking up to the reality of the new strong number 2 in tablet sales. I pick up mine next Friday, with 18 months nom interest financing. Dedicated number line on the adjustible keyboard, flash, and 1G RAM are other key differentials.
    • RE: HP launches webOS Pivot, courts developers

      @Detfan Absolutely. Let's hope it gets a fast rollout worldwide.
      • RE: HP launches webOS Pivot, courts developers

        @h-fate@... yea, i Agree in Let's hope it gets a fast rollout worldwide. Thanks for sharing!
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  • RE: HP launches webOS Pivot, courts developers

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  • RE: HP launches webOS Pivot, courts developers

  • RE: HP launches webOS Pivot, courts developers

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  • RE: HP launches webOS Pivot, courts developers

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