HP refreshes, expands ProLiant server line-up

HP refreshes, expands ProLiant server line-up

Summary: HP said Tuesday that it will expand its ProLiant G6 lineup with 18 servers refreshed with Intel's latest server chips, the Xeon 5600 series.


Updated: HP said Tuesday that it will expand its ProLiant G6 lineup with 16 servers refreshed with Intel's latest server chips, the Xeon 5600 series.

The news comes as industry standard servers are being updated with Intel's latest chips. According to HP, the new ProLiant G6 platform will:

  • Deliver 27 times the performance per watt performance compared to previous generations;
  • Be available in rack, tower, blade and scale-out formats;
  • Come with HP Thermal Logic technology to cut power consumption;
  • Feature other technologies such as HP's power capping to provision based on energy usage and its Sea of Sensors, which optimizes system cooling and thermal activity via 32 sensors placed around the server.

In addition, HP's latest ProLiant additions are optimized for virtualized environments.

Also: Will Intel's latest Xeon lineup be an 'economic no brainer'?

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HP's ProLiant G6 servers start at $1,345. The new ProLiant models include the BL280c, BL2x220c, BL460c and BL490c blades; the DL120, DL160, DL170h, DL180, DL320, DL360, and DL380 rack mounted servers; and the ML110, ML330, ML350, ML370, SL160z, SL170z and SL2x170z towers.

HP is in a dogfight with IBM for the server market share lead.

Update: Dell has also updated its server lineup.

Also: Server sales show signs of life in the fourth quarter; IBM remains top dog

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  • HP's dogfight with IBM (HP already won)

    If you would show server *shipments* versus sales/revenue, you would see that HP has already beaten IBM [quite some time ago actually]. Of course, IBM wins the sales/revenue "dogfight" because IBM servers are more expensive than HP servers.
    • Can't use shipments

      How do you compare IBM selling one 595 frame that has 64 Power6 cores @5ghz each with 4TB of RAM vs. HP selling one quad core Xeon @3ghz with 4GB of RAM? Even if you just look at HPs own server sales, why should the sale of one HP Integrity Superdome have the same weight as a Proliant DL 100?
      • HP sells alot of PC's too.. big deal

        I agree with you t.
        Just think how much of HP's revenue is coming from it's PC lineup, too. What IBM realized years ago, is that there was no profitability in the low end of the computing market, which is why they sold their PC unit to Lenovo. This lack of profitability will move up the chain to x86 units, in the next decade, but the x64 market is shrinking rapidly, too.
        HP is very vulnerable. IBM targeted Sun when they released their z-series(mainframe)generation 10 years ago... Sun had 33% of the server revenue market, then... now they are 9%. IBM is about to release their next GENERATION mainframe... later this year. I suspect they are targeting HP's midrange systems, this time around.
  • Noise

    Has HP solved the problem that stops me buying HP servers - NOISE - (HP servers make too much noise) :-(

    I buy IBM for the fact that they make much less noise than HP servers.

    I would love to buy HP but OH&S regulations prevent me :-(
    • Re:

      At least for me, the G5 were noisy. But the G6
      are very quiet.