HP StoreOnce touted as first to reach 100TB/hour backup rate

HP StoreOnce touted as first to reach 100TB/hour backup rate

Summary: HP StoreOnce is boasted to offer backup performance and data recovery rates up to three times and five times faster respectively than the closest competitive offering.

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Hewlett-Packard is continuing to focus on its converged infrastructure strategies by aiming to produce IT solutions designed to simplify yet speed up big data backup and analytics.

With the introduction of HP StoreOnce amid HP Discover in Las Vegas this week, HP might be jumping ahead of the pack.

That's because HP StoreOnce Backup is being boasted as the first platform of its kind in the industry to achieve big data backup performance rates toppling 100 terabytes per hour.

Converged infrastructure is a hot topic in the storage space these days as big data and what to do with it becomes a pressing issue for the enterprise sector.

There's a lot of talk about drawing business insights from big data that were never possible before. But while the more data generated offers more potential for innovation and new solutions, it also entertains more issues surrounding security, backup, automation and scalability -- not to mention concerns about higher costs to deal with all of this.

Thus, a backup performance rate up to 100 TB per hour along with data recovery rates at 40 TB per hour -- touted by HP to be up to three times and five times faster respectively than the closest competitive offering -- is definitely pushing the boundaries of handling big data on next-generation servers and networks.

Essentially, the HP StoreOnce Catalyst software for HP StoreOnce Backup system enables users to "deduplicate" data on application or backup servers before the data is transferred to a centralized HP StoreOnce Backup system.

Customers can opt to use HP Data Protector 7 (a scalable solution powered by Autonomy for processing small to massive amounts of data), Symantec NetBackup or Symantec Backup Exec to manage deduplication and data movement within the HP StoreOnce Catalyst environment.

HP is positioning the StoreOnce platform as an option that offers more flexibility for customers while eliminating wasted resources and extra costs for backup systems.

The HP B6200 StoreOnce 48TB backup system is available immediately worldwide, starting at USD $250,000 for a fully usable entry system from HP as well as from authorized channel partners. HP StoreOnce Catalyst software and integration with HP Data Protector 7 and Symantec NetBackup is also available immediately, and additional integration with Symantec Backup Exec will be available in August.


Topic: Hewlett-Packard

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  • Real or marketing numbers?

    Is this real raw ingest to disk? Or are these marketing numbers with client deduplication in mind?

    You'd be hard pressed to find any disk array to be able to accept 100TB/hr of ingest as it is, and to claim this in conjunction with a dedupe system seems "too good to be true...."
    • Sounds like marketing numbers

      I thought exactly the same as you. This sounds like a scanning speed only. I can't imagine any disk system sustaining this let alone a LAN/WAN. Wouldnt this type of throughput system take down most data centers core infrastructure?

      If these are real world speeds, then wow.