HP + Sun : A good combination?

HP + Sun : A good combination?

Summary: Tom Foremski at SiliconValleyWatcher makes a case for HP hooking up with Sun as a next logical step...

TOPICS: Hewlett-Packard

Tom Foremski at SiliconValleyWatcher makes a case for HP hooking up with Sun as a next logical step for

Topic: Hewlett-Packard

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  • HP + Sun

    Assuming HP spins off the debt ridden PC unit, then the imaging business, what's left? Servers. What does Sun make? Servers. I think Sun has the technical resources, witness the brilliance of Java, a new marketing approach, and a throng of hungry geeks who would like to see Sun do better. I think HP has no down side. Sun has taken a gamble with its marketing campaign: N1 grid, JES, Creator, RFID and a myriad of products only network engineers are familiar with. Todays stocks are driven by popularity: iPods, Blackberry, EA etc. Sun has vision, but no path to success. Will HP narrow the gap and shorten the time frame? I hope they would. But I think its more likely a foreign partner will come forward, not to save Sun from disaster, but rather because it is practical to own a company whose services are already widespread, but w/o revenue. Unfortunately this combo sounds more like Unisys or NCR. Now if Commodore were still around that would be interesting. How 'bout CSC in a few years? I still like Fujitsu. For better or worse none of us has more than a guess and time.
  • Makes sense

    Just from the perspective of consolodation. When HP purchased Compaq, it bought the market for PCs. Now PCs have no profit in them, thus HP+Compaq is not very strong. If HP bought Sun, they would be "buying the market" for servers. This market is MUCH more profitable than PCs! I always thought that Sun had the best "design" for servers - elegant, easy to work on, and nicely upgradable. HP designs were like the PC beige case paradigm - spartan and not quite so easy to work on.

    How would the employees mix? Sun has a great atmosphere for fostering talent - kinda like HP USED to have. I would bet that the HP guys would love to be treated like Sun guys!
    Roger Ramjet