IBM acquires analytics provider Tealeaf for Smarter Commerce

IBM acquires analytics provider Tealeaf for Smarter Commerce

Summary: IBM is beefing up its Smarter Commerce initiative by adding analytics software provider Tealeaf to its portfolio.


IBM is moving full steam ahead with its Smarter Commerce initiative with the acquisition of Tealeaf Technology, a provider of customer experience analytics software.

IBM's Smarter Commerce initiative focuses on offering qualitative analytics that enable e-commerce and customer service professionals with real-time data about online customer experiences.

To advance this project, Tealeaf will be bringing its suite of customer experience management software, which records and analyzes a customer’s website and mobile interactions.

Marketers can then identify customer trends and issues on desktop and mobile platforms to improve the online customer experience. In turn, the goal for the business is to improve customer satisfaction -- therefore profitability for the company.

Tealeaf's chairman and chief executive officer, Rebecca Ward, further explained in prepared remarks that "Tealeaf's patented technology can be deployed into a business’s current environment with no needed modifications so they begin capturing customer data and delivering optimal experiences immediately."

The San Francisco-based company already serves more than 450 customers worldwide in financial, travel, retail and communications services. Current clients include Dell, Wells Fargo, Zappos, Best Buy, and DirecTV.

Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but the merger is expected to close during the second quarter of 2012. After that, Tealeaf will be integrated into IBM's Enterprise Marketing and Management unit.


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  • Great idea

    This looks like a part of a larger plan to offer services to mobile users. Maybe M$ is diversifying.
  • Qualitative Web Analytics

    Qualitative Web Analytics is a very intersting Web Analytics next generation. The ability to drill down to a single session is a great ability that a regular Web Analytics tools are not able to do. I tried few platforms in the past and I found very intersting product. It will be interesting to find out how IBM is going to sell TeaLeaf and what will be the price of it.