IBM integrates, UPS and Skype with LotusLive

IBM integrates, UPS and Skype with LotusLive

Summary: IBM will layer in new services from the likes of UPS, Skype and into its LotusLive cloud services lineup.


IBM said Tuesday that it will layer in new services from the likes of UPS, Skype and into its LotusLive cloud services lineup.

Meanwhile, IBM launched a new LotusLive bundle, which features social networking and email for business for $7 a month per user. The package features capabilities of iNotes and Connections.

Big Blue has reinvented Lotus as a cloud brand in many respects. Now the aim is to take LotusLive and weave in business services such as CRM, Internet calling and shipping.

Among the new additions to LotusLive:

  • UPS is integrating its services into LotusLive. The service, available later this year, will allow for routing shipping from the LotusLive dashboard.
  • is allowing customers to use LotusLive Meetings, Files and Activities from their sales dashboards.
  • Skype can be used from the LotusLive contact page.
  • Silanis will also integrate electronic signature processes with LotusLive files.


Topics: IBM, Collaboration, Enterprise Software, Social Enterprise

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  • Great news!

    IBM supports open source, and is IMO the
    largest backer/user of open source, so anything
    they do gets a thumbs up from me (I am not an
    open-source fanboy. I'm writing this on
    Windows and make my living with .NET, but open
    source appeals to me greatly).

    I think that this will be a great boon to
    businesses. It's not as good as Google Apps
    since as I recall there's no document stuff,
    just email, but given that 95% of businesses
    use MS Office or Open Office (or Lotus
    Symphony...) then it's not a huge deal. The
    benefit of having a huge player like IBM
    backing it is also tempting (Google is huge,
    yes, but IBM is synonymous with computers
    almost and has decades behind it. Google is
    synonymous with the Internet).

    For a small fee a typical small business can
    pretty much do everything with open source
    technology, and not have to retain expensive IT
    staff to do things like configure Sendmail and
    manage Linux email servers. Get some cheap
    desktops/laptops and put Ubuntu or some other
    flavor of Linux on them, add in Lotus Symphony
    and this new LotusLive from IBM and your
    average small business has everything they