IBM: Vendors who fail to adapt to open source may not be around in 2010

IBM: Vendors who fail to adapt to open source may not be around in 2010

Summary: Speaking at the Open Source Business Conference...

TOPICS: Open Source

Speaking at the Open Source Business Conference today,

Topic: Open Source

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  • How's dem apples!?

    Well, I gotta agree with IBM on this one! Oh let's see both zealous sides fight this one out!
    • There is nothing to fight about.

      IBM has his days numbered. This is the end of the brick road for them. EDS got them cornered in services. Dell got them in desktops. HP is getting them with servers. Their software group did not make any money since 2000 Tech buble burst. They are selling all their hardware except Big Iron to Lenovo. Big Iron is probably staying only until they fullfill their contracts with goverment. So by the end of the year IBM is going to be only services company like EDS and the rest off small companies. Their only innovation is to lay off more people in US and Europe and move more operations to India. So how they must be planning to make money. Sell shares at 90$ buy them at 5$ by the end of the year. Because that is what company with almost no assets is worth with that ammount of shares. 5$ per share.
  • It's IBM business tactics

    Confuse rivals using disruptive open source stuff has been IBM business tactics. Companies that make less complicated s/w that compete directly with open source s/w will ncessarily have trouble. Unix operating including Solaris is one to diminish or disappear. However I don't see reasons that Windows will face the same problem. Rather it might strengthen, since rivals now detracted with claps that will never be able to compete with Windows.

    Too much with open source also has many downside. We will not see any large company emerging that can compete Windows in the long term. This is gonna be the ultimate sacrifice to consummers. I really want to see companies come up with competitive desktop operating system that can compete with Windows, not crappy Linux/Unix stuff. I mean a real better one!
    • There is no confusion...

      Like IBM or hate them, they are right about one thing and that is that open source software usage is growing by leaps and bounds every day and in many ways is starting to beat and exceed its proprietary counterparts in terms of functionality and quality. This fact is plain as day and I am not even a big fan of IBM. Microsoft should wisely consider planning some of its own services for Linux if they where smart.
  • Very well said IBM

    we're on the brink of a new generation of set top boxes, making thin clients once again a practical consideration.

    PHP has changed the landscape I think. Web apps were never so easy to write. Everything is out there MRP, ERP, Project Management, Auctions, Banks, all in PHP.
    It's tiny code, easy to maintain, it runs fast, it works.

    And of course, IBM covers a lot of examples in DeveloperWorks website, so it's run on IBM's big iron if you want to scale up.
  • Too bad the rest of IBM didn't get the word

    I love to hear these big pronouncements out of IBM, only to find that the sales guys and techs in the trenches aren't nearly as on-board as the mouthpieces are.